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As part of my Kickstarter campaign, anyone who donated $50 or more dollars got to pick one song for me to cover on You Tube.  I was challenged but I was not defeated!  Some people picked Gloff originals, and others picked songs way outside of my comfort zone.  I tried to give them all my best shot.  Here’s a collection of all the requests.

“Skygazing” – Jeremy Gloff original requested by Christian Juel

“Live To Tell” – Madonna cover requested by Jeffrey Fettes

“Walk A Mile In My Flip Flops And Bring Me Back A Beer” – Jeremy Gloff/Rhonda K collaboration commissioned by Rhonda K

“The Best” – Tina Turner cover requested by John J

“Dancetoria” – Jeremy Gloff original requested by Chris Wallace

“Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac cover requested by Jenna Clements

“Human Nature” – Madonna cover requested by Steph Feeney

“Oh Sweet Boy” – Jeremy Gloff original requested by Michael Spadoni

Jane Says – Jane’s Addiction cover requested by Scott Bentley

“Isn’t It A Pity” – George Harrison cover requested by Roberta Corcoran-Andrasik

“Master Of Puppets” – Metallica cover requested by Vic Abrosimov

“Coming Around Again” – Carly Simon cover requested by Bylli Peiper

“Alison” – Elvis Costello cover requested by Allison Grana

“Can You Hear Me” – David Bowie cover requested by Lara Martin

“Are You Out There?” – Dar Williams cover requested by Jason Speensburg

“What’s New Pussycat?” – Tom Jones cover requested by Lauren Hasselback

Thanks everyone!