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hotlunch   basementloungereissue

(released February 1995 – re-issue released February 14th, 2012)

Dip Your Toes Into The River (lyrics)
Traps (lyrics)
Run (lyrics)
The Boy At The Bar (lyrics)
Wish I Was Wanted (lyrics)
Little Man (lyrics)
What Happens Now? (lyrics)
Johnny’s Ship (lyrics)
Prince Charming (lyrics)
He’ll Never Change (lyrics)
George’s Song (lyrics)
I Wish U Were My Child (lyrics)

Long before Jeremy Gloff released his albums THIS and 1987, he made a quiet folk album in a small New York hometown with his best friend Anne Fearman. At the time they called themselves “The Basement Lounge” and the album was called HOT LUNCH.

As the years passed HOT LUNCH sat quietly on cassette tape at the bottom of a box. A couple of tracks snuck out as bonus cuts on Jeremy Gloff albums, but the HOT LUNCH album in its entirety has not be available since 1995.

Twelve years later, and digitally remastered, Riotboy Records presents to you HOT LUNCH. Dip your toes into the river…one more time.

The Basement Lounge is:
Jeremy Gloff – vocals, piano, guitar, and percussion
Anne Fearman – vocals
Guest Appearances: Steve McKelvin
Track 11- K. Ball
All music by J. Gloff
Lyrics: 1, 3, 11 by Basement Lounge
6, 7, 8 by A. Fearman
2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12 by J. Gloff
Photography: Shauna Rinehuls
Recorded at: Livestock Studios
Cover Artwork: A. Fearman
Transportation: The Bitch Wagon