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-by Leilani Polk
-courtesy of Creative Loafing
-published September 28th, 2013

This year marks two decades of music-making for local Best of the Bay-winning singer-songwriter Jeremy Gloff. He’s observing the hallmark with an 18th album, Inside of Blue Buildings, funded by fans via a fruitful Kickstarter campaign, recorded over the summer, and officially unveiled at a Sunday evening soiree and show. The first few singles find Gloff slowing down the pace of his dance-leaning pop sounds and getting introspective on themes of home, poverty, and accepting and sorting out all the shit that hits the fan on any given day, like “My Life Is Perfect,” an ode of sardonic optimism that loses its sting by way of its delicate acoustic guitar-driven instrumentals and Gloff’s higher-register tenor intertwining with the pretty feminine calls of Danielle Merkle. (Mermaid Tavern, Tampa)