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(released September 1998)

Able to Move (lyrics)
The Princess (lyrics)
Dreams Of Abram (lyrics)
Buffalo Love Story (lyrics)
As Angels Do (lyrics)
Hour of Happinesss (lyrics)
Sky Above a Cloud (lyrics)
Unsettled (lyrics)
To Be Unknown (lyrics)
Puppet Factories (lyrics)
Rat Maze Boy (lyrics)
Today Leaves (lyrics)
The Room Of Dolls (lyrics)
Kerouac’s Dead (lyrics)

My mother gave me a lamp in 1998. Short on joy and hope at least I had light to read and write by. The winter gave way to a breezy springtime. An evening in late March I left my window open for the first time in months. Fresh air.

I wrote fourteen songs in the spring of ‘98. Quiet songs. Subtle songs. Introspection. Songs of severe depression and songs that bade farewell. I recorded in a “real” studio for the first time because these songs deserved something better.

I moved to Florida in October 1998 and began to rebuild.

Written January-July 1998
Recorded July 18th and 19th 1998
All songs written by Jeremy Gloff
Produced by Jeremy Gloff and Andrea Wasiura
Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Andrea Wasiura
at Tarbox Road Studios (thanks Dave)
Photography: Jeremy Gloff (thanks SAracatherINE)
All performances by Jeremy Gloff unless noted
Dedicated to Bif…and a prayer for Millie
Jesse Reiter: Bass on “As Angels Do”, “Rat Maze Boy”, “Today Leaves” and “Kerouac’s Dead”.
Paul Phillips: Bass on “Able To Move”, “Dreams of Abram”, and “To Be Unknown”.
Ariel Solomon: Flute on “As Angels Do”
Erin Kourelis: Piano on “The Princess”, “Hour of Happiness”, and “To Be Unknown”
Alex Kourelis: Electric guitar on “Able To Move”, “Dreams of Abram”, and “To Be Unknown”.
Rebecca Vraa: Voice on “Dreams Of Abram”.
Bethany Abbey: Voice on “To Be Unknown”.
DJ Armanhamma: Programming on “Sky Above a Cloud”