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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-October 16th, 2008

Well J.D. Doyle has done it again! He’s pointed me to another great artist to feature and here she is, from across the ocean JENNY SLATER!!!

Jenny was kind enough to answer my questions, and she was very articulate and wonderful. Here goes!!!

1) How old were you when you realized you were gay

I don’t really regard myself as being gay, to be honest. I only date men these days, as I just don’t find women sexually attractive. I was aware of transsexual feelings from a very early age, so much so that I was under a child psychologist from about the age of four.

2) Your myspace profile says you live in the UK. Have you lived there your whole life? Please tell us a little bit about your geographical history!

I was born and raised in Liverpool but moved to London about 15 years ago.

3) If you were going to describe your music to a total stranger what would you say?

I call it ‘kitchen sink music’, because it has everything thrown in and it was all recorded in my living room. There are noisy guitars, acoustic instruments, orchestration and even a choir. All performed by yours truly.

4) How many albums have you released?

Just the one (Zodiac), at the moment but another one will soon be on the way.

5) Has being an “out” musician affected your career and if so how?

As a trans person, I’ve had a lot of doors slammed in my face over the years. I was often regarded as a bit of a leper or people just treated me like I was a joke. These days, things are slowly improving, but there’s still a few shit-heads out there (some of them in the GLBT community, I’m sad to say).

6) What is the climate for homosexuality in the UK?

Things have improved considerably over the years but I can only give a trans person’s point of view on this. Since 1999 it has been illegal to dismiss someone from their job for simply being trans. We can also change our birth certificates and legally marry. The general gay population has a way to go yet.

7) What is your favorite song you’ve ever written and why?

It’s got to be ‘Zappa The Cat’ because it’s got a bit of everything in there. It’s sad, frivolous, weird and cute, it’s a nice little story. It’s a song on memory of my friend’s cat, which lived for 18 years. Zappa was quite a character too.

8) Tell us about your latest project!

It’s a lot less indie than Zodiac. A bit mellower and it even has a few love songs on it.

9) Any advice for other upcoming out musicians?

Do what you do because you love it, and try not to become a musical crusade. Otherwise it could have a detrimental effect on your songs. By all means write about Trans/GLBT issues but remember that some poor soul has to listen to your songs at some stage, so try to appeal to as broad an audience as possible.

10) Favourite Madonna song?

Beautiful Stranger – Yeah baby, shagadellic

please check out Jenny at:
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til next time!
with love,
Jeremy Gloff on behalf out OUTmusic