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(recorded in 2008 – released on February 14, 2012)

Skewed Angle (lyrics)
Can’t Can You (lyrics)
Keep It (lyrics)
Nothing (lyrics)
Don’t Show (lyrics)
Puzzle To Picture (lyrics)
Stereo (lyrics)
Push The Glass (lyrics)
As Monologue (lyrics)
Shattering (lyrics)
Hard To Tell (lyrics)

In 2008 she showed in up Florida with a notebook. He was ready to invent music for her words. In two days they recorded eleven songs. Everything was done in one take and on the spot.  Then she went back to New York. Finally, after four years, Riotboy Records presents “Skewed Angle” – the lo-fi collaboration by Jen Shamro and Jeremy Gloff.

Jen Shamro: lyrics and all vocals
Jeremy Gloff: music and all instruments