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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-February 2008

1. What is your current project?

My current project is my new album release, “Flexible” and the first single from that album, “I Can’t Get You Off My Mind.” The video for that song (my first video) just debuted on Logo a few weeks and is currently at 4 on their music video countdown show, “The Click List”, and remixes are being finished for Billboard Dance Promotion as i speak (type) lol.

2.Has there ever been a point when you wanted to give up on your music?

I won’t deny that there times when i doubt myself and my place in this business—-this usually happens when i have a bad day–or get some bad news–but at the end of the day—i could never give up—-its all that i know, its all that i am.

3. Who, that you know in real life has been the biggest influence on your creativity?

God plays a HUGE roll in my creativity. My mom, dad, and sister—and now her two 7month old twin boys—my closest friends who r around me a lot: Mike, Taft, Sammy, Lori—these people are my sources of inspiration. And my idol: Kristine W, she is and has been an enormous influence and major inspiration in my life and my music.

4. If you were to name one album that inspired you more than any other, what would that album be?

“Land Of The Living” by Kristine W.

5. Do You kiss boys in public?

Yes i do—if the moment feels right

6. Think back to the best show you ever played in your life. tell us briefly when that was and what it meant to you..

I remember playing at the Oakland CA. Arts and Soul Festival—-what a great day!! One of the best that i can remember. Beautiful sunny day—very enthusiastic crowds. I played at the Alternative Lifestyle Stage and did 2 shows. People were so so into it. They were happy to be there listening to me. And i talked a lot to them during my sets—about equality and loving yourself and your neighbors—–and pulled my message together to tie into what i was singing about. People really liked me and it felt amazing—-like i was exactly where i was supposed to be. I was really blessed that day in Oakland!!! yes yes yes!!!

7. Do you feel you are playing a role in the evolution of the OUTmusician?

Yes–i completely do. and it is quite a time to be involved. Each day is a new lesson—for each of us—thats why its so so important for Out Artists to stick together—band together–stay together–be stronger as one!!

8. Favorite TV show character?

Rosanne (Barr/Arnold) doesnt matter—she rocks me!!

9. Has anyone ever broken your heart? if so how many songs did you write about that person?

Yes–someone did break my heart……….and i dont think that i’ll ever really recover from it. He was my heart, and i loved him so………..As far as songs, just listen to “Flexible” especially the songs, “Foolish Lover (I’m Sorry)” and “I Can’t Get You Off My Mind”

10. So what’s your new years resolution, if you dare to tell us.

My new years resolution??? well…….its to try and be a little less stressed! so ill keep u posted 🙂