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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-July 15th, 2008

Hey everyone! Well it’s time to get things rolling again! I know the featured artist thing has been defunct for a bit, but it’s back. I hope to do this twice a week, on (or very close to) the 1st and 15th of every month. I’ve enlisted radio legend J.D. Doyle to assist in selecting our featured artists. ( I’ll be totally honest with everyone…I’m excited to help out with the OUTmusic myspace page and I love meeting you all and doing the best I can. But admittedly J.D.’s knowledge of queer music is unrivaled. I’m happy to have him on board! So as we re-launch our featured artist thing-y, our first feature will be on J.D. himself.

I asked J.D. to pick out three songs that meant a lot to him as a queer radio programmer. J.D. picked three songs that he played on his very first broadcast in 2000. Check out these songs in our OUTmusic myspace music player! (We were not able to post the third song J.D. picked because we weren’t given permission in time from the artist. That song was “Glad To Be Gay” by Tom Robinson and you can hear it here:

So let’s get to know J.D. better. Here’s our little Q and A:

1) What inititially prompted you to get involved with a queer music radio broadcast?

oh you want that story 😉 A good friend of mine, Jimmy Carper, was hosting another show on KPFT called After Hours, which was and is generally a talk show…with a smattering of music, between guests, etc. I started calling up during the show, encouraging him to play more GLBT artists, as they don’t get enough exposure. After several weeks of this he says, “well, why don’t you come on and play some?” Er, had never thought of that, had no experience whatsoever, but came on the show and had a great time. The producer of the other GLBT show on the station, Queer Voices, heard us, and invited me to do a monthly segment for them. And that was Queer Music Heritage.

2) Have you noticed any changes in the queer music scene since you began in 2000?

Well, you probably are thinking more musically, but I see the change in being its growth. It’s more and more inexpensive for artists to produce their own CDs, with great quality, and the Internet is now a bigger tool in them getting their music out there. So, there seem to be so many more artists…I used to know about all of them, now that’s impossible.

On a more personal level, it’s been very satisfying. I seem to have found my niche and created this QMH entity that tries to fill a need no one on the net is doing, preserving and sharing the music of our culture.

3) What’s your favorite snack or drink to have on hand while doing your shows?

Not sure what defines “doing my shows” as it probably takes about 50-100 hours to put together each show…from the researching, writing, interviewing, editing, and creating the web pages, but I drink way too many cans of Coke and Dr Pepper.

4) Do you have an all time favorite song by a queer artist? If so, what does it mean to you?

That’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite child, and when I ask artists that question, well, they give me the same reaction. But I will tell you what song flashed into my head the moment I read the question. It was Michael Callen’s “Love Worth Fighting For.” I hear his incredible voice and I always instantly sigh. It’s a perfect song, for music, voice and message.

5) Is there a favorite moment in your broadcasting career that sticks out in your head?

Geez, I’ve experienced a LOT of special moments, with the artists I love, but it could be when I got the chance to interview one of my icons, Tom Robinson, when he came to NYC for the OUTmusic Awards. It was just the two of us in his hotel room, for a wonderful hour interview, during which he sang, just to me, “Glad To Be Gay,” with a verse about Matthew Shepard that’s he’s never recorded.

6) What are your hopes for the future of queer music?

I want more and artists to get their music out there, and as openly GLBT folks. While openly gay lyrics are not a requirement of mine, I do love it when they are telling our stories, with the right pronouns, as hearing of our journeys helps more people understand and accept.

7) Any disc that’s been in high rotation in your personal time lately?

Very hard question…I get so many CDs, both from buying them and having those wonderful folks send them to me, that I always have a stack I’m trying to get through…I just don’t have the time to listen much for my “own enjoyment.” But I did go nuts for “Jesse” by Ivri Lider, can’t wait for his English album.

8) Music changes lives. Has there ever been a song that changed your life?

Er, sorry, no….:)

9) Have you ever run into any resistance being a queer radio programmer?

No, generally people (gay and straight) that learn about it mostly think it’s interesting, and I get so many gratifying emails about my website.

10) any final thoughts?

I was pleased that Jeremy asked me to help him pick the OUTmusic spotlight artists. I’ll pick some of the ones who have really caught my attention and hope people check them out. It’s all about the music.

So there you have it everyone. Check out! I learned a lot doing this feature on J.D. and look forward to our future working together.

Til next time xoxoox