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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Lightrail (2017)

Feel the satin sheets
Cadence of heartbeats
In the room tonight
Stop your go go
Open the merlot
Cause you’re looking fine
Curtains in the breeze
Shoes that never leave
Perfect as you are
And I know it’s real
When across the room
You are still too far

And I’ve got someone
To rock me through the night
And I’ve got someone
To love me my whole life
Break it down…

Feeling black and white
Sun and the night
And all that’s in between
An 80s beat and a 90s dream
With a cashmere seam
Dim the lights stop stop for a minute
Positively inspired
My pillow breathes and talks to me
I’m in love with life

Break it down
Break it down now
It’s the one that’s gonna last!