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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Inside Of Blue Buildings (2013)

Lying in bed – 12 am
The second hand is not my friend
Itching but my skin remains untouched

Fingers press into the bed
Movies dancing in my head
A case of just too little and too much

Where’s the comfort that I seek?
It only stops when I’m bleeding
I just want to go to sleep
One thing left to say
Itching itching go away…

Time it whispers one o’clock
I want to roll without the rock
Me and desire never got along

Feet – they dig into the bed
Numbers stabbing in my head
Oh this feeling never was my friend

Itching my scratches again
Here the hunger comes again
I just wanna go to sleep
Some things never change
Itching itching go away

I’m getting old and it scares me
My body’s not what it used to be
When did we stop dancing?
And my friends are changing

Now it’s just half past two
I’m doing what I always do
Call the troops there certainly is a war
Fingers reaching for the phone
Tomorrow night I’ll stay alone
Temptation always gets the best of me
I feel it go away…
Itching itching go away