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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on THAT (2017)

You can use my car
You can stay in my apartment
I will give you money
I will never say no

I will drive you around
I will drive you crazy
I know what your lips feel like
I will never say no

Oh oh oh oh
I love it when you use me
‘Cause it keeps you around
It keeps you around

You can sleep in my bed
I’ll wake up at 8 am
I know what your arms feel like
I will never say no

I see you by the road
With a face full of hope
Green and black stripes on
You wanna change this city
No one can change this city
I know everything you did
Was out of desperation
And now you’re going back home


I hope you were my friend
Keeps you around
I’ll never say no…