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sgs   472

-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Spin Girl Spin (2000)
-appears on Hurricane Lullabies: The Best Of Jeremy Gloff (2015)

I cannot promise you forever
I cannot promise you next week
But the words you speak
They make me hopeful again
You haven’t complained of my laughing
I’ve given lots of head but never compromise
There’s truth in your eyes
And this scares me

Infrawhite’s afraid of love

You haven’t tried to get my clothes off
For once I’d like to wait awhile
I enjoy your smile
Maybe one day I’ll shiver again
You know it’s hard being treated badly
I find it harder to be treated good
In my doorway has stood
A dozen faces

Infrawhite’s afraid of love
Into the white…again
(Half an hour’s not too far out of your way
Yesterday tomorrow and today
You went from a shiver to a blur
Then you faded away
The case of depression and elation
That will always stay.)