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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on True Stories (1993)

I wanna take away your fears
And I want you to cry your tears on to me
I’ll be your security
I wanna know you for who you are
You can be yourself around me…
Strip away every disguise
Strip off every one of your lies
Don’t be afraid of me

I wanna be your father tonight
I would never hurt you
I wanna be your mother tonight
Just close your eyes

The sadness of your eyes penetrates me
Like a thousand bullets hitting me in the head
And I hate the fact that I’m not important to you
For your embrace I would do anything
Change my face
I don’t wanna scar you
Not physically or mentally
I wanna fuck against a wall.

Repeat Chorus

Put me in chains
Tie me up tight enough to leave a scar
Don’t you realize how lonely I am
My happiness lies in your hands
If you need me tell me
I’ll never turn down your calls
Don’t be afraid to sit next to me
Don’t be afraid to talk to me

Repeat Chorus

You’re so beautiful
Are you happy where you are?
Cause I’m dying to set you fee
I’m dying to let you be
Whoever you wanna be baby
I wish you were my child…