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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on True Stories (1993)


I was thinking how when you walked into the room
Your eyes quickly made their way to me
And I would give my eyes to you
Even though you can’t stay with me
I don’t want you to go away
I don’t want you to go away
I wish there was some way you could stay with me.

I don’t like to be touched by people
And I keep my hands to myself
I wouldn’t compare you to those people
Cause I invite your arms around me
I know we could never be
Maybe your life is too cluttered for me
Sometimes I wonder if you
Ever think about me too.

You know it’s been a really long time
Since I knew anyone I’d like to sleep next to me
Every time I get attached I hurt myself
But the way you look at me I wanna get attached to you
Oh…I think I’m falling down

I noticed before you left the room
You turned around and looked at me
And you were probably just seeing what time it was
And feeding my fantasies
I really wanna be with you
Yes! I wanna be with you
I wanna be the only one that you dream of
Cause you’re the only one that I dream of
Now that you’re away
And you burn a fire in my heart.