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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on True Stories (1993)

One o’clock comes and I think about you
I’ll probably be thinking about you at two
Hours add up night after night
I hit my clock and I turn on the light
Hollow elation.

Before I go to sleep
I think about all you said
I pretend you’re the pillow where I lay my head
If you ever knew the way I’m misled
You would never wanna sleep with me in my bed
Hollow elation.

So I’m crying at two and I’m shaking by three
Why do you have control over me?
I’m addicted to you and our conversation
Your words feed my hollow elation.
Hollow elation.

When the morning comes I have almost forgot your name
Even when I wake up early each night is the same
By daylight my eyes are dryer than my skin
I should know better than let you in
Hollow elation.