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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to get this posted!! This time our featured artist is Heiskell! For more info check out! Thanks again JD Doyle for pointing me towards all these awesome artists to interview! Find more great OUTmusic at and

Onto the Q and A with Heiskell!

1) can you give me a brief history of your band?

Which one? Judybats – major label and four CDs in the nineties. Did the music biz thing and grew to hate it so I quit. Now I do music when and if I want to, with a variety of talented people. Heiskell, me, and mainly the influence of Tim Lee.

2) tell us about your latest project?

Deciding to write my own songs, I showed them to someone whose opinion I respect. We layed them down on the fly and let them be what they are without a bunch of fluff. The conversation about the lyrical content never came up until I brought it up – just the way it never was before but always should have been.

3) you operate out of knoxville. what do you love about this city?

The anonymity, the lack of pretention, the fact that I have my own personal history here.

4) did you have a favorite song growing up?

Tell Me Somethin’ Good – Rufus and Chaka Khan.

5) who are some of your favorite out acts releasing music today?

Eric Himan. Loving me some Gutter Twins, neither of which are gay, but I think if they would accept my invitation for the three of us to get drunk, get naked, and beat the shit out of one another, they would agree to come out about something or another.

6) any thoughts, if any, on the current state of queer culture?

I’m a man who happens to not be attracted to women but instead to men. When I read the term ‘queer culture’ I immediately think about how far removed I feel from gay fellas who are even remotely curious about what Madonna is up to. There is some larger city gay zeitgeist that I don’t feel a part of. I’m not a fan of the all to pervasive stereotypes that abound. Question for a question: What the fuck does that mean, ‘Queer Culture’?

7) do you prefer the studio or the road?

Studio mostly. I’m mostly a solitary, private bird. Being cooped up with a bunch of other stinky chickens for several days makes me want peck some eyes out.

8) future plans?

Playing some shows out of town, building another retaining wall at my house situated here on a hill. Currently making big noise with my new Fender Stratocaster. Title for my next CD: I Lied When I Said I Loved You.

9) any advice for other out performers?

It is all about the song – surround yourself with talented folks who realize this, leaving their age and gender preference out of the equation.

10) favorite madonna song?

Live to Tell. Second favorite: Dress You Up In My Love. The latter due to it is so inane that it makes Abdul’s Cold Hearted Snake sound downright poetic.

til next time
jeremy gloff on behalf of OUTmusic 🙂