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(released November 1995)

Almost Sunday (lyrics)
The Dreamer (lyrics)
Issues Of Sincerity (lyrics)
Declaration Day (lyrics)
Wide (lyrics)
Teen Dream (lyrics)
Instant Gratification (lyrics)
Heavy Machinery (lyrics)
Straight Femme (lyrics)
November (lyrics)
Pretend I’m Lightning (lyrics)
Issues Of Sincerity (Remix) (lyrics)
Traps* (lyrics)
The Boy At The Bar* (lyrics)
Wish I Was Wanted* (lyrics)
Prince Charming* (lyrics)
He’ll Never Change* (lyrics)
I Wish U Were My Child* (lyrics)

(*bonus tracks originally released on
The Basement Lounge – HOT LUNCH)

In October ’94 I moved in with my parents but was quickly kicked out again. I slept in my car for a week then found a twenty-six year old marine who needed a roommate.

During the winter of ’94 I taught myself guitar and I quickly became irritable and frustrated with the entrapment of my surroundings. I found it challenging to think outside the box when many of my friends couldn’t think outside the county line. Songs were my escape. HEAVY MACHINERY turned out to be a much different albun than my first two. I was into Hole at the time and I found myself writing heavier and darker material.

After HEAVY MACHINERY was completed I decided it was time to leave Fredonia. I moved to Buffalo and quickly immersed myself in the open-mic and club circuits. I was another young kid in exile from a small town – chasing big dreams in a city.

Tracks 1-11 recorded and mixed at Mothball Eyes Studio
Track 11 recorded at The Dark Room
Overdubs on 4 at Livestock Studios
Tracks 13-18 originally appeared on the Basement Lounge album “Hot Lunch”
Recorded at Livestock Studios
All performances by JG except
Lead guitar (track 1) and bass (track 8) by Aaron
Jocks (track 8) – Josh and Aaron
Add’l vox (track 1, 3, 10, 16, 18) by Anne Fearman
track 12 – rap and drum programming by The Joker
Photo: Shauna Rinehuls
Title: Fry Rak
Dedicated to Shauna for being there since “Still Feel It”
Remastered on CD by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio
All songs written by Jeremy Gloff copyright 1995 Riotboy Music ASCAP
Add’l lyrics track 12 by The Joker
Everyone finds their Smurf someday…