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Appeared in The Watermark January 2004

Jeremy Gloff isn’t doing too badly for someone who has only been in the Tampa Bay area for a few years. Hailing from Fredonia, NY (near Buffalo) the artist moved here in 1998 and has already been voted “Best of The Bay” a couple of times in the local musician category.

Gloff has been recording music since his 1993 debut True Stories, and has already put out twelve self-produced releases. An admitted Stevie Nicks fan, he is also fond of Madonna, and Joni Mitchell, who he says, “was a big incluence.” The waiter and HCC student celebrated his birthday recently with a performance at Tampa’s Sacred Grounds coffeehouse, where he entertained the crowd with some of his newer, as well as older songs.

Gloff’s from-the-heart lyrics deal with love and the spectrum of emotions it brings into play. Between sets, we slipped out of the coffeehouse and chatted briefly in the parking lot, where he explained the “inspiration” for some of his songs. “A lot of times a song just pops in my head from out of nowhere and there it is.”

Gloff also recalled a “most memorable performance” from the past: “I played a show in Buffalo where I had a guest artist rapper appearing on a song and there were punk kids, and kids from the ghetto in the audience, and it felt really special to see all of these kids come together to see me play.”

As far as Tampa audiences go, how receptive have they been? “There have been some very good times and some very bad times.” Be sure to check out Gloff on February 13th when he will be performing with The Gossip and Jen Shamro at the Orpheum in Ybor City.