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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on 1987 (2008)

The world’s so hateful sometimes
One night stands and quick lines
Can tell you’re hurt
Your gorgeous head’s tilted to the ground
I trust my intuition chemical ignition
A touch so vital
A thousand thoughts for every sound
If you fit in my heart then you fit in my head
You fit with my morals you fit in my bed

I get a good feeling
Whenever I think about you baby
I get a good feeling
I’m like a Friday night in the summertime
I get a good feeling
I’m like a downtown street in the summer heat
When I think about you

Your boys got nothing on me
Old fashioned sincerity
Baby I understand you
Agoraphobia is no fun
Let’s get our education
Biological elation
No fussin’ no fuedin’ or fightin’
We’re stronger than Brooklyn Bridge
Bigger than the whole world
Bigger than outerspace
We’re hopped up propped up
Falling in place

Repeat Chorus

Ooh yeah c’mon
Ooh yeah c’mon

When the weather’s warm I’ll freeze you
The weather’s cool I’ll heat you
Big feet big smile lord I hope you stay awhile
Ooh yeah c’mon
Before this song’s through I hope you’ve fallen too
That’s how much I need you

It’s like I’m 17 unscathed by life
My ittybitty world is yours…