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-courtesy of (original post here)
-by Clark Brooks
-April 5th, 2016

Gloffy’s back!

Remember our old pal Jeremy Gloff? He’s back with a new album and I was invited to listen to it.


The album is titled “Those Who Survived” and the listening party was held at Disco Dolls Studio, “A hair salon, fashion and art studio in Tampa, FL. Offering a cultivated selection of art, clothing, shoes, accessories, hair products, vintage, and estate finds” and may be the most Seminole Heights place in Seminole Heights.

And why the man of the hour was sitting there looking like he was there to have his ‘do did

The album is great. It sounds, to me anyway, like someone who is resigned to his fate…and that’s fine. Things may not have turned out the way he had hoped and he’s left with what remains but that’s perfectly okay. Mourning a little for what could have been but celebrating what is while maintaining a healthy reserve of hope for what’s to come. That makes sense to me and I came away from listening to it feeling comforted and inspired.

“When I Was 19” is the first song and sums up the spirit of the rest of the album nicely. It reminds me of Prince songs “When You Were Mine” and “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man”

“I’m way too comfortable
I wanna feel alive again
And I wanna fly again
Like when I was 19”

My favorite song from the collection is “Technicolor” because of this passage:

“Memories of rages
Blank pages empty stages
The Importance of a fail
And those who survived to tell the tale”

Anyway, bottom line, I really liked it.  Well done, Gloffy.

Jeremy Gloff’s new album “Those Who Survived” comes out on Saturday, April 9.
Check out his web site.