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-from the blog Ex-Hipster (
-October 20, 2009

Tampa Bay’s own hipster master of blending new-wave art and music has apparently been hitting the studio to make his new cd on the hush-hush.

Jeremy Gloff is set to release his new album 21st Century Love Songs on Nov. 14 with a big party of at Ritz in Ybor City, which also happens to coincide with Ritz worker Okesene Tilo’s birthday.

As per typical of Gloff, you can expect a huge fanfare of inspired and unique art mixed in with his incredible stage shows. If his last cd release, which took three different parties at three different venues to complete, is any indicator, the party will be definitely be something to put in your datebook.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gloff, make sure to check out the link to his myspace at the top, his Reax column or simply watch this video at got of him at the Cure tribute at Skipper’s Smokehouse.