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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-September 16th, 2008

Hey everyone! Sorry I’m a day late posting this! I’m getting ready to release my new CD this Saturday, so things have been crazy. But I digress, I am very happy to present to you our bi-weekly featured artist, Geo Vaughn! Make sure to check out Geo’s music in our OUTmusic myspace player! You can also find Geo at Geo was kind enough to answer ten questions I sent him. Here’s what he had to say:

1) you are an outmusician living in NY…how long have you lived there?

I’ve lived in NY all my life. When I was 18 I moved around to Florida, then came back after about a year there. I’m really a city boy a heart that had no place in the south.

2) tell me about your latest project

My latest project is my demo “Black & White”. I was planning on releasing it the very last week of August, but will have to push that back about a month or two.I’ve only got 1 song left to record, (the title track) then it will be ready for the world to enjoy.

3) you were a recent victim of a hate crime. will you share the story with us?

Sure, on the morning of August 24th, I was looking for the new location of a popular NYC club. a little lost, I asked a group of guys if they knew where Mr. Black was. after a few seconds of them calling me a faggot, cock sucker and other names, they attacked me. after the initial attack I got on a phone to speak to a 911 operator. The men noticed I was calling the police so they attacked me again for calling for help.

4) what is your favorite song you have written and why?

My favorite song is actually “Black & White”. It’s about how nothing in life lasts forever, especially not the good things. one minute you’re at the top of the world, and the very next minute nobody even knows your name.

5) when do you do most of your writing…daytime or nighttime?

I mostly write at night, after a long day of absorbing emotion.

6) how old were you when you came out?

I think I was born wrapped in a rainbow flag. 😉 As far back as I could remember, I knew I was gay, and I never hid it. It was something that attracted a lot of negative energy from people who didn’t understand, but I never really cared about who did or who didn’t understand. I was always so consumed with trying to figure out who I was to care what other people thought about me.

7) do you have an artist that you would consider having a great influence on your career?

I don’t think any 1 artist had enough of an influence on me for me to be noted. I believe that naturally we all want to be different, have a trademark sound and we’d all like to be known because of that. However, ironically as much as most hate to admit, that’s the element that makes us alike.

8) if a geo vaughn fan were to order you a pizza, what would your preferred toppings be?

Veggie Lovers!!

9) any advice for fellow outmusicians?

They’re going to tell you that there isn’t a place for you, that you’re art isn’t welcome here, and that you’re better off doing hair and make-up. But do what makes YOU happy, don’t give up, don’t give in, and follow your dream until you wake up.

10) favorite madonna song?

Can we get together. Two years later, and I still love that song.

til next time, jeremy gloff your OUTmusic featured artist interviewer! make sure to check out more queer artists at:

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be back on 10/1!
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