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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-November 15th, 2008

Happy middle of November everyone!!! Ready for some Turkey soon? Or ToFurkey…whatever is your pleasure?

This time I bring to you the wonderful Gaye Adegbalola. It was such a pleasure getting to interview Gaye… Make sure to check out 3 of Gaye’s songs in our MySpace Music Player….and learn more about Gaye at:

On to the Q and A!!!!

1) what year did you start releasing music?

1st recording = a Saffire cassette tape in 1987. Surprisingly it sold many copies!

2) tell us about your latest projects?

I’ve just completed another CD with Saffire. It’s called “Having the Last Word”. I listened to the final mixes just a few hours ago. It’s set for release on Alligator Records on Jan 27, 2009. My last solo recording, “Gaye Without Shame”, was released this past July.

3) what’s your fave song that you have ever written?

It is usually the one I am presently working on — what I’m closest to at the moment. However, I’ll name my favorite that I just recorded: “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” The one that brought me the most money is one that put my son through college: “The Middle Aged Blues Boogie.”

4) do you prefer performing live or the studio?

Live for sure. Studio usually requires perfection — well, as close as possible — and that’s restrictive and time consuming. Plus, live performance, for me, has much more energy. I like freedom!

5) do you have any particular favorite collaborations you have done?

Don’t usually collaborate. Hard to schedule writing time with someone else. Have to work whenever and wherever the muse hits. I’ve only collaborated twice and once was disastrous. Also, I’ve reworked lyrics with a friend twice and that was okay, but I had already formed the content ideas and the structure.

6) what is your favorite city to perform in?

Barcelona!!! The people start dancing on the first note. The earliest show started at midnight. Love the style. Love the freedom. And, so goooood looking people — eye candy everywhere.

7) what artists have influenced you as a writer and person?

There are many — perhaps too many for this space. But the artist that has most influenced my life and my music is Nina Simone, but not so much my writing. I love Prince’s writing. The greatest blues writer ever is Willie Dixon. Also, Jimmy Reed. To convey a complete story in 3 or 4 minutes and have it stick in someone’s head speaks to me.

8) any funny tour stories?

Again, too many for this space. For a quickie, on our first visit to Alaska school was closed due to the weather. That should tell you something. Also it was the start of the Ididarod. Dogs start yelping at 3 in the morning (they lined up behind our hotel) and I really learned the meaning of “don’t eat yellow snow.” Too many stories — especially drinking stories like trying the drink most comparable to “moonshine” in any country we visit.

9) any advice for other out artists?

Be careful. Take time to work your set list. Make it appropriate for your specific audience. One can still be honest to one’s self without being too “in your face.” You have to be able to make a living and diverse material helps. Some songs work anywhere, others don’t. Humor often brings an audience to you quickly. A good performance starts with a good song. Take time to craft material — the re-writes are usually harder than the first pass. Again, not enough space to answer this fully.

10) favorite madonna song?

Don’t know any. She’s not my cup o’ tea. I like her dancing though. And her muscles. And her hutzpah (sp?).

Thanks again Gaye, and of course J.D. Doyle for helping me out with my featured artists!!! Find much more great queer music at and

Stay tuned December 1st for John Manion!

Much Love,
Jeremy Gloff on behalf of OUTmusic