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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Dancing In Your Blue – The Remixes (2013)

Walking down 7th avenue
I saw Toby and Mathieu too
I saw the Ritz – the Christmas tree
I got a man at home
No resort and spa for me
Oh no – A Gaybor Christmas tonight

A drink from Mama and a shot from Czar
A HOT SPOTS ad from Scott Sparr
I saw Sharon Rose – MACAViTi
You better be Judy B. Goode if you want Santa’s treats
Oh yea
A Gaybor Christmas tonight
Are you guys ready for Christmas?

Now let me tell you what all my friends want for Christmas this year Santa:
A Grace Jones shirt for Peter
A hat for Peter Pan
A thong for the Senator
I’m gonna get Okie a man
A bite from Mary’s
A hug from Bonnie
A check for Darlene from Charlie
That’s how we do
A Gaybor Christmas for you

I saw Carla, Moss, and Donahue
Andy Bell – Mark and Carrie – just to name a few
We love Tampa – it’s our home
We’ve got Christmas without the snow
At least the legal kind – just kidding
A Gaybor Christmas tonight
Take it away boys