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-written by M. Powless
-appears on J-Glo and Sassy: Valentine (2002)
-appears on Valentine – 10 Year Anniversary Edition (2012)

Lately things have gotten so I
Don’t think I’ll last another day
There’s so much trying to bring me down
I feel myself incinerate
But when I try hard to escape
All the hits, no, they never quit
That’s when I realize that I
Had to stop and just roll with it

I cannot change the days that passed
It will get better
Cause I am free at last…I am free at last
It’s strange how things can change so fast
It’s gotta get better
Cause I am free at last..I am .free at last

Sometimes I think about all of the pain
That you caused me inside my head
Makes me crazy to know you were there
All the things that you did and said
But now I know just how you are
And you can’t put the blame on me
Said you were falling out of love
But even blinded I can see
Repeat Chorus