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-lyrics by Jeremy Gloff and Chrissy Chase
-music by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on 1987 (2008)

I think about you little one all the fights all the fun
And how I’m gonna miss you
We had the time of our lives it was wonderful and tragic
Your plane would have come today
You’re mean when you’re mad
Words come fast hurt so bad
The way that you tore me up
Oh the maze of your mind
Funny how we leave behind the people that we can’t fool

You’re like Florida rain straight right out of nowhere
You’re like Florida rain came fast and then you’re gone again

Now every time I see a plane coming/going I get sad
The hope and dissapointments
I’ve been to city after city it’s all the same
People are the same and I just like my living room
Well you get the job done
When you cut cut cut me up – disintigrating pieces
They say grey’s in style this season
Isn’t that a dissapointment?
Lightning instead of sunshine.

Go on leave me
Say you don’t need me
Remember us golden can’t hold on
Good times are gone it’s time to move on

If there’s another road I’m gonna find it
Wave I’m gonna ride it
Keep looking back the road’s straight ahead
Holding on to nothin’ when I’m holding on to you
Songs will write themselves but the stories tell the truth
Wouldn’t listen like you used to I let you break my heart
Fell so hard for you I must have hit my head in the dark
Can’t believe the way I acted nasty things you said
I drifted back once but I swear I won’t run back again

Oh oh oh we’re not meant to be together
My legs walk away my lips have nothing to say to you
The stars in my neighborhood shine brighter without you
Evaporate you off my windowpane

My lips are blood-red and you’re better off dead
I’m lime green not blue I’m better off without you
Sianora sucka bye bye baby bye bye