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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Those Who Survived (2016)

There you go again
Conjuring up old flames
Old friends and old names
Insects who got away
The shoulda coulda world
Gotta blow it up tonight
You’re gonna meet someone
Brand new to your life

Endless hamster wheels
Recycled past romance
Rotating dead seeds in unusable ground
They never stood a chance
The view’s in front of you
Keep your eyes pointing forward
Forget about over your shoulder
That scenery has gone by

And exit the circle
You will find a love like you never loved before
Exit the circle
Think of the pain – think of the pain no more
Exit the circle
Remember the past and know when to let it go
Exit the circle
He’s not coming home

Throw those playing cards
Don’t deal a new hand
Play a whole different game
Not meant to stay the same
Breathing in fresh air
Veins full of new blood
You had to say “enough”
No more round and round
Don’t search anymore

Don’t call anymore
Don’t try to reach him anymore
It’s not the chapter that’s over
The whole book is over
You cannot reach him anymore