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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on 1987 (2008)

He sold himself to her
Slipped in her cracks and then he messed her world
She’s in the wreckage with a choice to make
Decapitation or her head on straight
He got her hot and then he left her cold
He made her promises they were fool’s gold
He’s doing who knows what when where or how
She’s going home it’s time to leave him now

He’s drama panties girl
He’s drama panties girl
The insignificance of his world
He’s drama panties girl

The mathematics of a troubled mind
The pinata got strong in time
Not interested and stay away
are her best friends
She twerkin’ it baby
She’ll be no black hole again

Repeat Chorus

Oh…she don’t wanna fight
Oh…she ain’t staying home tonight

She’s got her favorite jeans on again
And every morning she makes her bed
She not gonna stick around
And play demure
His problematic garbage
Does not match her couture