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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-December 15th, 2008

Hey you guys!!!! Are you ready for our next featured artist…our very own Don Harvey!! Don was a pleasure to interview! Make sure to check out his 3 songs in our OUTmusic myspace music player! To find out more about Don go to

Onto the interview!
1) where are you currently located?

In Adelphi, MD, just a few miles NE of Washington, D.C.

2) tell us about your latest album?

It’s a mix of traditional American styles (blues, folk, rock, country), and the songs couldn’t be more queer. There’s also a 24-page insert with all the lyrics and great old photographs. I wrote the songs,and did all the vocals and instruments myself. Its music that I wish I could have heard while I was growing up. The CD makes a great Christmas present for homos!

3) who were some of your favorite singers growing up?

Most of my musical influences date from 1965-1972, when I was playing bass in bands almost constantly: British invasion groups, San Francisco psychedelia, Byrds, Neil Young, Dylan, and the Velvet Underground top the list.

4) when did you realize you were gay?

When I hit puberty. I came out in 1973, when I was 21.

5) do you enjoy playing live or being in the studio more?

I really like recording in my home studio, where I’ve got basses, guitars, and an organ, and can record whenever inspiration strikes. Although I enjoy performing, I like coming up with new music better.

6) favorite snack in the studio?

Fred (my partner).

7) what’s the biggest challenge facing out performers today?

Finding paying gigs, selling CDs, and basically just surviving as an artist.

8) future plans?

I’m rearranging a lot of the songs (which had full band instrumentation on the CD) for acoustic guitar solo performance. I’ve also been recording new songs.

9) what is your best memory of performing live?

Performing with Bearapalooza at the Sawmill campground in Dade City Florida.

10) favorite madonna song?

My disco years were brief, and ended before Madonna came on the scene. I’m not really interested in dance music or electronica, and don’t listen to it. I think Grace Slick rocks, so go ahead, take away my “gay card”!

So that wraps up another feature! More coming soon! Thanks to J.D. Doyle for helping me with this! Find out more about JD and his great radio show and website at Also please check out!

happy holidays everyone!
Jeremy Gloff