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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on The Box (2019)

Once I thought I knew it all
Then I didn’t know a thing
These days I keep it blank
White noise everything
Once I yearned to travel far
Now I like to be at home
Once I kept many friends
Now I like my time alone
My time alone – time alone

Watching all these legends die
Shrouded in disgrace
Language of my youth
Outdated and erased
Once the world felt so big
I now accept I’m small
Climbing up the tree of life
Til my twig snaps and falls
Snaps and falls – snaps and falls

Keep starting fires y’all
Keep on asking questions
It’s your turn to find your way
Ignore our suggestions
Populate this universe
Even if death will win
Passing on the torch to you
Young one dig right in
Dig right in – dig right in
Dig right in – dig right in