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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-April 2009

Hey it’s Jeremy Gloff here your OUTmusic interviewer! This time around we have Dare 2 B Dif’rnt from NY! They are wonderful so make sure to check out their music in our OUTmusic player. Here’s what they had to say when we sat down and emailed:

1) There are two members in Dare 2B Dif’rnt. Can you tell me about each member and the role you each play?

Paulie – Debra and I work together as a team. Each decision is made as a group effort, whether it be writing ,or deciding what song we would like to cover. We always want what’s best to properly execute the song and it’s message.

Debra – I feel the same way. I would also like to add that Paulie’s strength is my inspiration.

2) When was Dare 2 B Dif’rnt formed?

Paulie – Dare 2B Dif’rnt was formed back in 1993. Our first release was “A World Of Love ” in 1994.

Debra – Guess that says it all lol.

3) Reading your bio I saw the 9/11 attack played a role in the band reuniting.
Will you share that story with my readers?

Paulie – Sure… Debra and I had split for awhile. We were upset with the lack of promotion ZYX Music was committing to Us. Artist development is crucial when breaking a new act. Once Harry Towers ( Who now runs Deet Promotions) left the company the heart and soul seemed to have gone with him. We decided to leave and peruse other things. Heart broken Debra wanted to take a break and regroup. There is a great amount of work, sacrifice, persistence and time one must commit to in order to make some headway in this business of music.

Missing our fans and performing live we felt the timing was right. We also felt like we started something and never finished it. It was that emptiness which drove our hearts. We were in the studio days before putting some finishing touches on our next record when 9/11 hit. Debra working for E.M.S. at the time, and was one of the early responders to the scene. The devastation and loss left a great shock on the entire nation let alone those who where at the scene day after day. Singing became a healing mechanism. It was the suggestion of Harry Towers to re- record “A World Of Love. ” We were then informed that club DJ Marvin Collett played the song as the last song of his set every night. He wanted the message a world of love to be the last thing his patrons remembered.

We also learned that WSIA DJ Raven, who was one of the few DJs’s who decided to play music on the radio after 9/11, and was the only DJ playing music in NYC as all the other stations went all talk. She wanted the world to know we were alive and New Yorkers were resilient. She too played “A World Of Love as well as many other inspirational tones to keep our spirit alive. Hats off to them. We then quickly remixed, re mastered and never looked back.

Debra – After working hundreds of hours at Ground Zero, I felt I had to put my emotions aside. I had no choice and it was what I had to do to get through it. Each day after my shift I felt a great loss, a loss of living and when we were talking about music we felt we had to put out a positive message through our music that life still goes on andwe can still get up after we’ve been knocked down and appreciate life,love & living.

4) What is your current project?

Paulie – Our current project is “There’s Something In The Air” which has been doing extremely well for us and has been remixed by some of the best – Josh Harris, Georgie Porgie, Chris “The Greek,” Friscia and Lamboy and DJ Giuseppe D amongst others. Right now we are in the studio now getting our next two singles done and putting the finishing touches on our album do out late spring early summer if everything goes right.

Debra – We’re are in the studio working on a PRIDE song (hint,hint,it’s a secret…)

5) Do you enjoy performing live or being in the studio more?

Paulie – Both…There is nothing like a live audience. The excitement is overwhelming especially when they sing your song back to you. The studio bring accomplishment. The next level so to speak as you ready to introduce something new.

Debra -Singing live or in the studio are both awesome experiences. Singing live is an emotional experience -feeling the crowd and reaching out to them with our music. Singing in the studio is inspirational. We are all working together and bringing out the best of each other.

6) Who are some artists that have inspired your work?

Paulie – For me as a child it was the Osmonds and the Jacksons of which I’m still a big fan of. There are so many artist just to name a few… Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Georgie Porgie, Pepper MaShay, Jacinta, Lady Ga Ga, Yaz, Kate Bush, Madonna Just to name a few…

Debra – There are too many to say..I feel like I’m leaving so many behind …so let say that I’m most inspired by Madonna, Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Melissa Etheridge.

7) What is your favorite venue to play in NY City??

Paulie – I don”t necessarily have a favorite venue but the performances which had the most impact on me were at the legendary Stone Wall and the NYC Gay Pride Parade.. Just the history alone of the Stonewall was enough to leave a lasting impression. It was the 30 anniversary celebration. We must never forget the significance and importance of that day. We must never forget those who stood up so we can stand proudly today. The place was packed and we were one of the privileged artist to perform. I’ll never forget how everyone reacted to “Come To My Window” It sends chills down my spine till this day. The second wasn’t necessarily a venue so to speak. We were also privileged to perform on the Deet Promotions, Music Plant float for the gay pride parade in NYC. That day will forever stay with me. To go down Christopher Street with thousands of people looking back at you. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it. I never felt such a scene of pride in all my life.

Debra – Like Paulie said the Stonewall & the NYC Pride Float. I can’t even put into words the energy that is felt when that float turns that final corner in the heart of NYC Pride….it’s unbelievable..

8) What are the future plans of Dare 2 B Dif’rnt?.

Paulie – Right now we are concentrating on getting the album done. We are very active in giving back to the less fortunate. We will be participating in a benefit for the Staten Island Hospice and will perform with other Deet Promotion Artists at the Domestic Violence March in Washington DC October 6th.

Debra – The sky’s the limit. Like Paulie said, we are dedicated to helping others and there are many causes which we support. Dare 2B Dif’rnt will always help those who need it. After all. We want to help make a world full of love.

9) Any advice for other out artists?

Paulie – There is something that was told to me by my good friend Pepper MaShay that has stayed with me and I’d like to pass on. In short “Never Give Up.” She has survived and has been in this business for a long time. Her resume is too long and impressive to list. I will never forget the conversation we had. How she told me to hold my head up high. Every one has there turn and one must never give up. It’s a rough business you must have and develop a thick skin. Hard work and determination will pay off in the end. Keep doing what your doing for the love of the music. Remember “United As One In Dance.” That’s the best advice I could give.

Debra – Be true to yourself,be loyal to those who’ve been there supporting you and enjoy the ride. Also, always show love and respect to your fans. Realize that your fans are your backbone and they can hold you up when things get difficult.

10) What is Dare 2 B Dif’rnt’s fave Madonna song?

Paulie – There are too many to list. However the one we sort of agreed upon was…. Like A Prayer. The video was groundbreaking and the song is inspirational.There is so much I respect and admire her for. Her business savvy, her constant reinventing her self. her songs ,her sense of style and so on and so on. She has never forgotten the GLBT community. We must always stand by and support her and all GLBT artists. On a different note, I would like to add that I miss Jeremy Hovies who had a top 20 music show on Sirius. He was very influential and exposed so many new GLBT artist. Someone needs to hire him.

Debra – Same as Paulie, plus I love “Frozen”

Let’s face it, these two are rad!!! Well thanks to JD Doyle for helping me with this! Find more out artists at and

Til next month!
Jeremy Gloff