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dancing with text

(released February 24th, 2013)

Dancing In Your Blue (Single Edit) (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (Mike Soma Remix) (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (Epcot Center Remix) (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (Dallas Swoveland’s Strip Down Mix) (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (Mystified Chill Out Mix) (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (Storybox Night Mix) (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (Martin Murray Mix) (lyrics)
Beautiful Boy (DDtMM Love Through The Ages Mix) (lyrics)
Lights On (Unecc Remix) (lyrics)
Deep Blue Sea (feat. DDtMM) (lyrics)
L.E.S. Girl (feat. Digital Geist) (lyrics)
A Gaybor Xmas (lyrics)
Sky Above A Cloud (Autocad Remix) (lyrics)
Dancing In Your Blue (Album Mix) (lyrics)

In early 2006 I sent “Dancing In Your Blue” to a bunch of people to remix.  By the end of the year I had an entire Remix EP ready for release – sequenced and everything.  I even used the “Mike Soma” remix of the song in the music video.  Then I began to write songs for my next album and the project got lost in the shuffle.  As years passed I always meant to release the “Dancing In Your Blue Remix Ep”.  By the time I got really serious about this in 2012, I searched for days and I could not find the music.  It seemed the remixes were lost forever.

I gave it one last shot in early 2013.  I spent hours combing through old discs and boxes.  Finally, on a blank CDr found way in the back of a closet, “Dancing In  Your Blue” came back to life.  It was seven years late but I promised this time to make everyone’s hard work worthwhile.

Taking advantage of an opportunity I decided to flesh out the EP with some remixes from subsequent albums, and also to give home to some one-off collaborations I’d done with various electronic artists.  This also seemed like a good place to finally put the controversial “A Gaybor Xmas” – a nasty inside joke that might be kind of funny even if you don’t know any of the people.

The final piece of the puzzle came when I found the “Sky Above A Cloud” remix.  AutoCad remixed this song in the late 1990s – the first remix of any Jeremy Gloff song, ever.  I searched for seven hours for this remix – I even contacted Thomas “Autocad” Park himself but it seemed this piece of music was lost forever.  As the sun came up, after staying up all night searching, I finally remembered a mix CD where the remix was archived. And so my new remix album was complete.

I’ve been waiting for years to get all these odds and ends out to my fans.  As I get ready to release my very special 18th album later this year, it seems only appropriate I clean out my closet first.

“Dancing In Your Blue” originally appears on Now’s The Right Time To Feel Good – copyright 2006 Riotboy Records.  Lyrics and music by Jeremy Gloff

“Dancing In Your Blue (Mike Soma Remix)” remixed by Mike Powless
“Dancing In Your Blue (Epcot Center Remix)” remixed by astrospec
“Dancing In Your Blue (Mystified Chillout Remix)” remixed by Thomas “Autocad” Park
“Dancing In Your Blue (Storybox Night Mix)” remixed by Agent D
“Dancing In Your Blue (Martin Murray Mix)” remixed by Martin Murray

“Beautiful Boy (DDtMM’s Love Through The Ages Remix)” remixed by DDtMM
“Lights On (Unecc Remix)” remixed by Unecc
“Sky Above A Cloud (AutoCad Remix)” remixed by Thomas “Autocad” Park

“Deep Blue Sea” – music by DDtMM / lyrics adapted from the poem “The Dark, Blue Sea” by George Gordon Byron
“L.E.S. Girl” – music by Digital Geist / lyrics by Jeremy Gloff
“A Gaybor Xmas” written by Jeremy Gloff
Cover photo by Kim Hicks
Thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to make over my songs.