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photo by David Bailey

Note on 6/20/17:
When this photo was taken in 2009 I found myself disenchanted with gay culture.  To me pride meant little more than glossy drunk parties and the accentuation of stereotypes.  I channeled my anger and disappointment into this photo.

Years later I have seen gay marriage bills get passed.  I have seen Orlando come together after the Pulse tragedy.  I have married gay couples.  I now understand what the pride flag means.

It is impossible to erase anything from the internet so I am going to keep this posted, own it, and apologize.  It took me years and experience to understand the fight of the generations before me to enjoy the openly gay lifestyle I currently lead.  To me, now, that’s what the pride flag symbolizes.

We can’t erase the mistakes of our youth.  We can only own them, learn, and apologize.