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-courtesy of Creative Loafing (original article is here)
-by Leilani Polk
-April 5th, 2016


Those Who Survived might take inspiration from the unfortunate passing of a friend, but somehow local songsmith Jeremy Gloff manages to make his 20th album sound triumphant, fun and plenty danceable while making room for some melancholic introspection.

The 15 tracks draw on a mix of New Wave, indie dance and modern pop influences, explore topics that range from finding value in yourself to living vicariously through your friends via their Facebook pics, and feature a dozen or so guests. Amid the stand-outs: “When I Was 19,” with its upbeat post punk-flavored nostalgia; the bright, sparkly spaciousness of “Compulsions,” its rap break by Entropy unexpected yet somehow appropos; “Flip Flops,” which is carried on a bumpin’ voxbox-effected groove and finds Gloff assuming a mildly yearning vocal quality amid minor chord melodies; the effusive upbeat synth bounce and toy piano-tinkle of “Trouble Toys”; and the dark, stealthy dance track that is “Never Too Much Love.” Everything comes to a spooky-poignant conclusion in the ostensible title track, the recorded voices of 131 of Gloff’s friends set against ambient waves of sonics. Critics’ Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars