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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Inside Of Blue Buildings (2013)

Spent too much shopping yesterday
I keep texting and there’s no replies
My shelves are full – I’m completely empty inside
Buying lust and I’m wanting love
Eat like crazy and I weigh enough
It’s a shame I’m such a failure

And it felt so good when I was being bad
The night after’s always quiet and sad
It’s not meant to be that’s the story of my life
Oh well

I want control tonight
I’m a failure when I turn off the light
I want that love around me yeah
I want control tonight

I was sober and my friends were drunk
On my cell just trying to hook up
A warm body will pause the drone of my senses
And I’m sleeping late and I’m looking chewed up
I’m diggin’ deeper – yes I’m  really screwed up
I’ve got so much frost bite there’s times I wish I’d die

And it felt so good when I was being bad
The morning after’s always quiet and sad
Maybe next time – that’s the story of my life – oh well

I need control tonight
I’m a loser in the middle of the night
I want those arms around me – yeah
I need control tonight

I shouldn’t go out tonight
I really should stay at home
I know I’ll be alright alone
Gotta get treated
From feelings climbing into me
Burrowed into me
Seeing things I shouldn’t see
You’ll see me across the room
In  just a little time
Before I start feeling fine…