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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on True Stories (1993)

My first memory as a child
Was standing on the porch between my mom and my dad
They were getting a divorce and said to pick who I like better
What was I do to?

Child…what an awful thing to do to a child

I remember the first time
I met my mom’s new boyfriend
In the apartment hallway
He looked so tall dark and scary to this five year old
And I felt hate since the very first day

Child…what an awful thing to do to a child

I’ve always hated my younger brother
I could always relate better to girls
When the hospital told me it wasn’t a sister
But a boy with my mom’s new husband’s name

Child…my life was never the same

I wonder what it’s like to live with a father
Have the father I never knew
I guess maybe someday when I’m older
My dad will call me up
If he remembers my name

Child…it’s all such a shame.