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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-September 2007

Happy September everyone! I’m back with another round of questions for another wonderful OUTartist. This month we are featuring the fabulous Cheryl Hill. You can hear two of Cheryl’s tracks on the OUTmusic Myspace page. For more information about Cheryl please visit or The Cheryl Hill Myspace Page.

Enjoy as Cheryl candidly answered the ten questions I posed to her. And as always, if you haven’t already spread the word about this blog and make sure you’re subscribed yourself!


1) you have released a series of albums independently. can you tell us a bit about the journey from the first album up to your new EP?

Each album definitely had it’s set of lessons to learn that’s for sure! My first album, ” Cheryl Hill “, was a huge lesson about mixing and mastering an album yourself, basically, unless you are a pro at this, hire a pro to do it right. It was very frustrating. Budgeting is also a very important lesson, know your budget and plan well for it. My first album was supposed to be 12 songs, but since I half-assed it, I ran out of money and it became a 6-song EP.

My second album, “The Road Less Traveled”, was probably one of my better self-produced projects, at least I know this album sells the most units so far. I actually hired a mix engineer to mix it and do a rough master of it as well. This album was born out of a serious bout with deep depression and a suicide attempt, long story. All my songs come from true life experience though. I’ve never been a “story teller”. In fact, even when I read books, I read fact not fiction. My songs are also sort of self-theraputic in a way since I’m a big self-help person. So in a way, my songs are trying to help me through some issue I’m having. I mean I do have some “fun” songs- “lust songs” I call them, like “Mmm I Gotta…” and “All I Can Do”, I’m not serious all the time. I believe in enjoying life and having fun every day, making every day the best day ever. I laugh a lot and I find humor in everything.

With my third album, I decided that I suck as a producer, so I hired a producer, which was really a good thing. I think all artists/bands should utilize producers. I hired Johnny Pierce and Jim Emrich of CedarHouse Productions to produce “Change”. It was actually a really good team, and Johnny really turned my artist life around as I was about to give up on music, again. He lit that fire in me back up. Unfortunately, he came down with cancer during the project and wasn’t there for most of the recording and mixing, Jim took over. Johnny also pointed out my strengths and weaknesses as a songwriter and helped me grow as a writer and artist. He also taught me to be true to myself no matter what the current trend was. In fact, after our first production meeting, he so inspired me to be true to myself, that I went home that night and wrote “I Hate Everything”, my song about stickin’ it to “The Man”. I’ve always been a rebel and distrustful of “authority” and the media and what “The Man” is trying to sell me. When Johnny passed away, I felt like a part of me as an artist past away too. Johnny and I co-wrote 3 of the 5 songs off of “Change” and we really had a good chemistry going, so I was kind of like, “What am I going to do now? I’ve lost my other half.” We actually wrote a total of 15 songs for “Change”, but money and budget always play a role when you self-fund your dreams, so we had to narrow it down to 5 songs.

For my fourth album, I had a kind of “Who gives a fuck!” attitude going on. I had shopped “Change” very aggressively, hired an entertainment attorney (BIG mistake and waste of money), hired a radio promoter (“The Man” controls radio, so do the major labels, so that was a big mistake and waste of money as well), did a lot of regional touring and played tons of festivals and music industry conferences but nothing ever came of it so I got really frustrated and pissed off at the whole music business. I’d get bullshit rejection letters from labels saying basically that because I wasn’t a clone of what was already on their label, they were passing on me. I’m thinking, “But I thought you wanted ‘new and unique’?!?!?”. So after spending about $50,000 with “Change”, I was like, “Fuck it! Since these idiots at the labels have no ears, I’m not going to spend all this money again, I’m just going to go back and do it myself again.” Well, we always live and learn. I self-produced and mixed my 4th album “Can’t Take Anymore” and quite frankly, it shows! Hey, I have no ego, I suck as a producer and mix engineer, obviously I needed to learn that one again though. So we chose 5 songs, went into the bargain basement studio and recorded mixed and mastered all 5 tunes in 3 days, $500 total. Good songs, sucky production and you can hear that loud and clear, and that’s too bad because the songs were great songs and didn’t deserve to be half-assed like that. My vocals were pitchy, the mix was muddy and horrible, it sounded like a garage band demo. I sent it to a guy at Roadrunner Records and I pretended to be my manager and he totally bashed me. That was a very humbling experience, but I learned the lesson loud and clear this time. I usually get it by the second strike-lol! So when I decided to record my newest work “Let Love In”, I was like, “Ok, we’re going to do it right this time 100% or we’re not going to do it at all.”

It’s really ironic how it all came about too because last September when I decided to move from Nashville to New York City , it wasn’t for music. At that point I was done with music (again- I’ve given up many times before but I’m like a junkie and always come back). When I got to NYC, I had some friends who wanted to be in my band and do gigs and I was like, “Just for fun, because I’m done with music as a career.” We did a few bar-staff gigs around the city and finally I said to myself, “What the fuck am I doing? I have been doing this same bullshit now for 25 years! I’m sick of it! It’s not fun to play gigs to empty rooms after promoting your ass off. This time I am really done with music, after all, I’m 38 years old, I’m a has-been in the industry’s eyes.” So I quit yet again. I was already enrolled in nutrition school to become a holistic health counselor because I’m a “health nut”. So I concentrated on that. But then this weird thing happened in March of this year when I went on to become a finalist in the Next Gay MegaStar competition. I realized that I was born to rock and that’s what I needed to do, but I really needed to do it and quit fucking around about it and playing the victim role.

I started looking for a producer on craigslist but just found more amateurs or people who would have given me a half-ass product. One day I got this email from some guitar player in a cover band looking for a singer. I’m like “Dude, I’m an artist with 4 albums out, I don’t do covers!” But the guy was really cool and we chatted and I told him how I was looking for a producer for my 5th album. He’s like I know this awesome producer named John Alec. So I contacted John and we spoke about what I wanted and what I was looking to accomplish and he said he could hear everything I was telling him about from my previous releases and said he could give me what I wanted. Basically, all previous feed back I’ve gotten was about my vocals. People who’ve seen me live say I’m so much better live than on my CDs and it was basically my vocals. Live I really get into it, feel the vibe and thrive off the adrenalin of live performance. In the studio I get “red-light syndrome” and lose my vibe because it’s so sterile in the studio and I’m such a perfectionist, it kills my vibe. Live I don’t care because I know I rock so I just rock without thinking about it. I know I’m good at what I do and I just go out and do it, it’s like second nature to me to perform. So John assured me he could bring out the vibe in me in the studio.

I began to write songs for the album on my acoustic, which frightened me in a way because I feel like a folk singer when I write on my acoustic and I want to rock hard not be a wussy chick singer (no offense to wussy chick singers-lol). But John assured me once again it would rock so to just write, so I did. I noticed during the writing process that I had somewhat matured and grown as a writer. I wasn’t necessarily following the “intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, chorus, outro” formula I normally did. I was just writing, almost like something from outside me was writing for me. Everything just flowed out of me so easily. I got stuck on a couple songs so I’d present them to John and he’d come up with a part to finish the song, so John and I did some co-writing on this project as well. In fact, all 3 songs on this album were co-written. A huge first for me, as usually I am the main writer, but as I get older, I realize I don’t need to be. It’s more important to have great songs than to be a credit hog. I even contacted an old friend who used to be the lead singer for my metal band Knightmare to help me write some of the lyrics because I really hate writing second verses. I always get stuck trying to top the first verse and make it fit into the rhythmical structure and all the technicalities of songwriting.

The title cut “Let Love In” came from an audition I was holding for band members. This awesome guitar player named Jonathan Schlackman came to audition, and since all the people who said they were gonna show didn’t, we had like 2 hours to kill, so I was like, “Do you have any riffs you want to throw at me?” So he threw out the main riff to “Let Love In” and I was like “DUDE!!! That riff fuckin’ ROCKS!!! Can I use it for a song?” That’s the only song on the album I didn’t write any of the music for, which was really a first. Usually I write most of the music and all the lyrics. John Alec wrote the rest of the music to “Let Love In” and my friend Paul Pietro from Knightmare helped me finish up the second verse.

“Stop The Insanity” was first inspired by my dog Jacob, the love of my life. The song was originally called “Puppy-man”, one of the many names I call my dog. I was sitting on my bed strumming my guitar and the music came to me and I was looking at my dog sitting there looking at me all cute and I started singing to him, “Puppy-man you are the one, you are the one that I love, my Puppy-man man you are the one you are the one that I love…” he of course then looked at me like I was weird. Somehow the song then evolved to a song about the media and all the lies they try and sell us, “the war on terror”, “how women should look”, “nutritional advice”, “pharmaceuticals”, “consumerism”, etc. It’s all CRAP! I was struggling coming up with the second verse for this song because I thought the first verse was so good, how do I top it? My friend Tina Cooper threw out the “I sense”, “I feel”, “I think”, and “I hope” and I was like “Yeah, that’s it!” Because originally I was trying to make it fit in with the “I hear”, “I see”, “I taste”, and “I smell” from the first verse but nothing was working for me.

“Goodbye” is an epic song. A lot of people who listen to it are going to think it’s an anti-war song, but it’s actually an animal rights/environmentalist song. The second leading cause of global warming is animal agriculture. I guess you could say it is anti-war song as well because I believe by humans eating an unnatural diet of animals and animal products, we become violent and war-like because we ingest the energy of those animals who lived a violent, traumatic, fear-filled life which is brought to a brutually violent end. This song really moves me. I definitely have vocal vibe captured on this song. I wrote another animal rights song on my 4th album called “Another Day” and I wish I would have produced it right because it is very effective with it’s message.

So this album is the current climax of my career. So far it is getting nothing but rave reviews. People who had vocal issues with me before say this is the best I’ve ever sounded. I didn’t half-ass anywhere, even though I tried at times, but the Universe wouldn’t let me this time. I read a book called “The Alchemist” which basically says that if you follow your dream, your true passion in life, the Universe will conspire to make it happen. I truly believe that now as I saw it happen with the making of this album. The way everything came together, from me finding John to produce it, to the session players who played on it – Jay Dittamo, Paul Adamy, and Ben Butler, to the songs themselves, it truly was guided by “Divine” guidance. And again with budget, I originally had 7 songs but budget only allowed for 3, which is too bad because I really would love to hear a full length album with this team, I think it would be totally epic. Who knows, maybe the door will finally open and it will soon be a reality.

One other thing I did different with this album was that I got the fans involved. I actually “stole” this idea a little bit from my friend and fellow OutMusic Member Athena Reich. I got one of her eNewsletters asking fans to make contributions to the recording of her new album. I thought what a brilliant idea! I had read about bands doing this before but never really applied it. I thought, why not? So I solicited the fans and got a few donors, not as many as I had hoped for but still some are better than none. Then I incorporated ways for them to be involved with the project, like voting on the songs to go on the album, picking the first single, and the song sequence of the CD itself, it was fun. I have always held the belief that it’s your fans that make or break you as they are your ultimate “employer” so to speak. They buy your merchandise which pays your bills, so in essence they are “writing” my paycheck when they buy my stuff. Why not make them a part of the whole process? I hate when I meet an artist and they’re assholes to their fans. If I meet an artist and they are an asshole to me, I no longer buy their music, even if I was their biggest fan. It’s like, fuck you asshole! Fortunately, out of all my “heroes”, and I’ve met most of them, all of them have been really cool except for one, and I no longer buy her music or support her in any way. (No, not going to mention names). Of course karma does work too, and ever since then, her career has slowly dwindled, so guess I’m not the only person who she was a snatch to. Unfortunate too because I thought she was a great artist. You reap what you sow.

2) you have an interesting list of influences and queenshryke (i know i spelled that wrong i’ll fix it for the final draft) seems to be a primary influence. do you ever miss the hair metal days of the 80s? it really was a prime time in music. share with us a special memory of the 80s if you’d be kind enough?

LOL! The 80s! The 80s hold so many wonderful memories for me, and it seems like yesterday too! Let me clarify though, I was never into “hair metal”. I hated that stuff. I was a hardcore metal head, into the seriously heavy stuff – King Diamond, Iron Maiden, Dio, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeath, Pantera, of course Queensryche, Metal Church, Testament, Anthrax…all that stuff. Yeah I did like Motley Crue, but hated Poison and all the “cock-rock” stuff. I needed the lyrics to be about something meaningful other than getting laid and partying. That’s why I really liked Queensryche. They were known as “thinking man’s metal”. Their album “Operation Mindcrime” is brilliant.

The 80s for me saw me in three different phases of life- the early 80s (80-81) I was still in the 70s singer-songwriter era and totally dug Billy Joel, he’s brilliant! Then I moved to California and got into that whole pop sort of thing. In 8th grade, my favorite band was The Go-Go’s and I was going to be their next drummer. Up till this point I was a band geek at school. I played in school band, first trumpet, then snare drum, then alto saxophone. When I moved to California MTV just came into fruition and I lived for it. I saw The Go-Go’s and that was it! I turned in my alto sax for a drum set and began my quick descent into the rock-n-roll lifestyle. I also had a crush on Belinda Carlise and Gina Shock. I had Go-Go’s stuff everywhere! I even made my parents take me to LA and drive through some condos around Marina Del Rey because I heard Belinda Carlise lived in Marina Del Rey- early stalking days-lol!

When I got into high school I made a serious shift. I became a total rebel druggie punk rocker. I shaved my head and bought my clothes at the Salvation Army, cut class all the time, and took acid or shrooms every “Fry-day” morning at school. Spent the weekend at this punk rock dive bar in San Francisco , “The On Broadway”, getting screwed up, slam dancing, and checking out local punk bands. The second half of my freshman year I joined a punk band called Private Outrage and it was all over for me, I was addicted! For our first gig we opened for The Circle Jerks, Testament, and Social Unrest, we thought we were so cool! We recorded a demo and started doing more shows in San Francisco , then doomsday came, my Dad was getting transferred and I had to move. You want to talk about rebellion hellion!

We moved to Boise, Idaho and first thing I did was get a job so I could buy an old beat up school bus to go back to California and live in it and be with my band. Well, that never happened because I ended up OD-ing on my Mom’s valium and was put into rehab at age 15. Another long story…

We were in Idaho for about 6 months then moved again. My Dad works for “The Man” (ExxonMobil) so we moved a lot. This time it was Kissimmee , Florida . Boy, were the hillbillies there shocked to see some punk rock chick with green hair at their school. Oh that reminds me, in Idaho , I was kicked out of school for dying my hair green and made the front page of the paper. The kids held a protest to get me back in school too. It was wild!

So Florida is where I became a metal head. I became disillusioned with punk’s hypocrisy. It’s like all these angry kids bitchin’ about “The Man” but not really doing anything about it. Metal, at least the metal I listened to, had a good message and I loved the grooves and riffs. My best friend played guitar and I still played drums so we’d jam on Metallica and Black Sabbath and stuff. Then one day I asked her to show me some stuff on guitar and that was it! I put down the drum sticks and became a guitar player.

The late 80s saw me forming my own band, Knightmare, and making quite a name for ourselves too. We were based out of Houston , Texas and became one of Houston ‘s biggest bands. We opened for King Diamond, Crimson Glory, Heaven, all the late 80’s bands that were some what big time. We even got offered a deal with Metal Blade but shit happened and we ended up not following through. I blame that on being young and dumb and drugged up.

So the 80s, as you can see, holds many memories for me. I think during the 80s is when I had the most success to date in my music career. The whole decade is a great memory.

3) As long as we’re on the topic of metal, we all have skeletons in our fashion closet. did you ever have the big bangs? if so, how high were they?

LOL! No big bangs- hated that! Thought it was “gay” – lol! I had kind of big hair but not the glam kind of big hair. My hair was really long though, almost down to my ass and I had so much friggin’ hair too. It was such a hassle! I did wear leopard spandex though-lol! Bandanas around my ankles and stuff hanging from my belt, oh God, don’t let any of those pictures come to the surface!

4) How do you feel about how homosexuals are portrayed in the media in shows like will and grace and the l word?

I hate that everything has to be focused around sex, but then again, I guess this is really our only difference with the heteros. I think in general there is too much emphasis on sex in the media. I don’t really watch much TV and was never a huge fan of Will and Grace so don’t know much about that show other than the few episodes I have seen. I think it’s an OK show. Jack is stereotypical, but stereotypes are based on truths, sorry. I LOVE The L Word!!! In fact the only reason I even have cable is for The L Word. I’m not sure why I love it so much either as it is so much bullshit trauma-drama, and I wouldn’t associate with people who have so much bullshit trauma-drama in their lives. I did think Carmen was way hot, maybe that’s why I watched it-lol! Alice was kind of hot last season although not normally my type. I love the Latino looking ladies like Carmen . Long straight dark hair, hazel eyes, I’m yours! I’m not a fan of the media to begin with so I think any portrayal by them of anything or anybody is going to be for a shock value type of thing. I mean I have yet to see shows about long term, committed functional relationships where people don’t have all this trauma-drama bullshit. People actually getting to know one another and become good friends before jumping into bed with one another, shows about positivity and change- where are they? I think the media, next to religion, is humankind’s worst creation.

5) do you have a favorite song you have written? if so, please tell us what it means to you?

Hmmm….this is tough actually because every song I write is so personal to me. So I guess I’ll answer this based on my current favorite song, which would be “Goodbye” off my new EP. I produce and host a local cable access TV show on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network called “Vegan Wellness TV”. It’s a program about how to be a healthy thriving vegan but sometimes I end up going off on rants and tyraids about some topic. But to do these shows, I have to do some serious research on my topics, so when I started doing research for my Earth Day show, I discovered a whole lot about global warming that “The Man” is not telling people and it really pissed me off. I mean global warming effects ALL life on Earth so it is something each and every one of us needs to do something about, and let me tell you, simply changing a fucking light bulb ain’t the answer! Global warming’s two leading causes are human overpopulation and animal agriculture. So to me, the two simplest things we can do is stop breeding and stop eating animals and their products. But no one wants to hear this message. They are beginning to slightly touch on human overpopulation but they don’t word it that way, they sugar coat it. And the meat and dairy industry will never let the message out about their toxic and barbaric industry. So this song is about how we need to fucking wake up and make big changes or we’re going to die, plain and simple, no sugar coating, kind of like a John The Baptist message- “The end is nigh!” And it really is. We are so close to going extinct not only as a species but the entire friggin’ Earth. The Earth is rapidly dying and us humans are killing her with our selfish and egotistical ways. And the media keeps us numb and dumb to the true realities around us. It really pisses me off! So I wrote this song to help me deal with my anger and to hopefully wake up the sleeping masses as well. I’m sorry, but I’m not ready to die yet and I don’t want to live in a world that sucks when I don’t have to.

6) you have moved around a lot according to your bio? do you have a favorite city? and if so what makes it your fave?

Favorite city- oye-vey! Well, these are some cities/countries I have visited and love, though I’ve not necessarily lived in them- Paris, Austria, San Francisco, Cozumel, New York (but not to live anymore, I’m definitely a country girl), Miami, the Bahamas. My next stop is Austin , Texas . I’m moving there in October.

7) what is your greatest objective as an out artist?

I think the fact that I’m a lesbian and out and proud, and also happen to be an artist is not really connected to my “artist objective”. I mean I guess it kind of is because my whole goal has always been to change the world and make it a better place for everyone, including non-human animals and species. I guess being out and proud will help empower some who are still in the closet though since I’m all about self-empowerment and self-reliance. I no longer believe in the “victim” mentality. You create your own reality, this has been proven to me time and time again now. So if you create yourself as a victim, then of course that is what you’ll be. If you no longer want to be a victim, simply stop being one! That’s what I did. I was a victim for most of my music career. In fact, I was a victim up until March of this year probably. Seeing The Secret and getting into Abraham-Hicks and people like that has really shown me the power I hold within me to create and manifest ANYTHING I want in this life, ANYTHING! So my objective as an out artist is to change the world for the better for all life on Earth, including Mother Earth herself.

8) if you could pick one character on a TV show that is most like you, who would it be?

LOL- Dexter! Not that I’m a serial killer or hold ideas of killing people. What I like about Dexter and what resonates in me about his character is how he feels he just doesn’t fit into this world. He doesn’t get relationships or the need for sex (don’t get me wrong, I like sex, but it’s not the best thing ever for me, and I’m so not into promiscuity or one night stands, I’m very old fashioned when it comes to sex and relationships. I believe in becoming good friends with someone first. And this wasn’t always true for me but my last relationship taught me MANY lessons. I have been very happily single and celibate now for 3 years). He’s also a kind of vigilante of sorts. He’s a serial killer but he only kills people who deserve it. Now I personally don’t feel anyone deserves to die, but I can at times understand the feeling of wanting that. I also like the vigilante mentality because I do not believe our justice system is fair and I also support groups that are about direct action like the Animal Liberation Front and SHAC 7. I would not personally do the things they do as I don’t think fighting fire with fire necessarily works, but I admire their passion and I am grateful to the horrors they uncover and expose through their actions and I am grateful that they are able to save some animals who are being tortured, exploited, and living in fear. I think the interesting thing about Dexter is that as a kid he did kill animals. Most violent offenders have links to first harming animals as children. It is my firm belief that all the world’s problems can be traced back to one root cause- speciesism. This is basically the belief that if something is of a different species, it is ok for us humans to do to it what ever we wish for OUR own benefit, such as animal experimentation and such. I believe if we valued and respected the life of ALL creatures and species, including plant life and insects, it’d be a very different world indeed, and we wouldn’t even need to worry about racism, homophobia, hate crimes, etc., because we would value and respect all life as worthy of experiencing love and happiness. But speciesism etches away at this because most people will think nothing of squashing a bug, why? Take the Michael Vick case, he admitted to murdering at least 6 to 8 dogs, and the top punishment for this is 5 years in prison? If he admitted to murdering 6 to 8 people, he’d be facing death row now. Why is a dog’s life, not even 6 to 8 dog’s lives equal to one human life? Why is the dog’s life so much less valuable than a human? Speciesism! So I identify with Dexter because he feels like a misfit in a world full of lies and he’s a vigilante, killing those that “deserve” to die.

9) what is your favorite beverage?

People will see me as very weird, but I don’t like being “normal” anyhow. My favorite beverage is fresh pure water. Sometimes I like a good fresh squeezed fruit juice or fresh pressed vegetable juice. I’m a vegan raw foodist so I eat really “weird” stuff compared to the mainstream, I basically eat the natural human diet, the one we were anatomically designed to eat. Coconut water is pretty good too. I don’t drink any alcohol, sodas, caffeine, sugar, etc. And for the record, I no longer do drugs. I’ve been 100% sober for 1 ½ years now. I just don’t have the need to poison myself anymore in any way shape or form, not in food, drink, or relationships.

10) you are a really rad musician. in your own words, will you tell us what cheryl hill has to offer with her music? what makes you YOU? what do you feel is your strongest asset?

Rad, now that’s an 80s word-lol! Well I think by now in this interview, you’ve kind of got an understanding of who I am-lol! I think with my music, I can offer some great songs with great messages that can cross many age groups and genres even though my main genre is rock. I hope my music and it’s message can serve as a ray of hope in a dying world, a call to action as well. What makes me me? How long do I have? LOL! I think just living my life the way I have has made me me. I’ve sort of been through it all, been to hell and back and am here to tell about it. When I graduated from college in 1996 I went into a major depression and almost committed suicide. In fact, the only reason I am here today is because I could not get the lock off my girlfriend’s gun. I’ve also been a homophobic gay-bashing Jesus freak- yeah go figure that! I had my first girlfriend in second grade and knew something was different about me then, and I’ve had girlfriends in high school and secret crushes in grade school and such, but I actually did not come out of the closet to myself till I was 27 years old and I just turned 39 in July. I came out to my parents and family about a year or two later when I went through my second “divorce”. It really hit me hard and I had no choice but to tell them because I needed their help just to function. I knew they’d be supportive but it was through so many years of self-hatred and self-loathing that made it hard to do as I still felt a twinge of shame. My Dad said, “We knew you were gay or on your way to being gay.” Now we both will oogle women together, I’m more like his son, but I always have been. I was such a tom-boy growing up. I dressed like a boy and acted like a boy and even went by the name “Chuck”. But I don’t feel transgendered in any way now. I like being a women and am very grateful I am a women. No offense to the guys, but I think men are disgusting vile creatures. I don’t hate men, some of my best friends are men, I just don’t want to be one or have sex with one-lol! Ok, so my strongest asset, musically I think it would be my voice and my songwriting skills. I have a very strong powerful and passionate voice. I took 2 years of classical voice at The University of Miami so I really learned how to develop my voice beyond anything I ever thought it was capable of. At one time, I had a 4 ½ octave range- I could hit Toni Braxton notes as well as Mariah Carey notes, now I just sing what is appropriate for the message of the song, but it’s nice to have a big range pallet to choose from. I’d also like to think I’m a pretty damn good songwriter. Not from an egotistical standpoint because I’ve really learned to silence my ego over the years. I think the ego is a bad thing and causes lots of problems. As a person, my strongest asset is that I’m “real”. I tell it like it is, I don’t sugar coat and I am very passionate about my causes which sometimes makes people falsely assume I am an angry person when I am not. I am so mellow and peaceful, but I do get passionate about things, but I think passion is what creates change and I don’t like the world I live in and I want to change it. I want to be a part of the solution not a part of the problem.

What a wonderful job Cheryl Hill did answering these questions! Let’s make sure to give her music a little love! Hope everyone had a wonderful summer, and spread the word about the wonderful OUTartists on this page!

Til next time!
Jeremy Gloff on behalf of OUTmusic