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-lyrics by BettyX
-music by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Seven Deadly Sips (2001/2012)

Tonight I feel alright
I smile so no one knows
I’m just as “happy” as ever
My eyes are swimming in my champagne
I can’t wait to go home

There’s not enough alcohol in this world
oh, to save me…

Because, tonight I feel just alright
that’s all
If it wasn’t for you
I’d swallow that bullet with the pills

There’s not enough champagne in this world
oh, to save me
to save me…

She guzzles champagne like soda water
She thinks she’s a star
like a real Kennedy
American Royalty
She’s just one step
from a gutter punk in a velvet gown
Champagne Blonde,
ahh, she’s a timebomb

There’s not enought love in this world
ohh, to save us
to save us…

The American Dream is dying in Hollywood
The siren on the silver screen
Golden icons to adore
Tonight I feel alright,
but that’s all.