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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Those Who Survived (2016)

You claim that you can’t love me
Claim you can’t love anyone
Repeat that we’re only friends
And that you hug everyone
It’s a wavy world out there
Turbulence and despair
Love playing with your hair

Felt shipwrecked without a home
And then I was less alone
Crystals and refracting fears
Sometimes you disappear
The way I feel when I’m with you
A calmer shade of blue
Driving all night to find you

And if you won’t promise me forever
If you won’t promise me next week
Can I have now?
Can I have right now?

In still water for a time
No undercurrents to undermine
The full moon or soft skin
Sometimes you let me in
If your clouds go in remission
Could you give yourself permission
To admit that I am warm?

Sometimes you shine like selenite
And we stay up all night
Sometimes you really suck
It seems you don’t give a fuck
Sometimes you drive me crazy
Sometimes you amaze me
At the end of the day
You pull me in
Or push me away
I wish you’d stay