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-by Curtis Ross (appeared in Friday Extra)
-November 6th, 2009

Jeremy Gloff makes most musicians look like pikers.

He has released 16 albums in 17 years, played countless shows and is nearly as prolific an essayist (read his essays at

And this isn’t his day job, either.

He’s about to celebrate the release of his 16th album, 21st Century Love Songs, and for once, a follow-up isn’t just around the corner.

“I haven’t written a new song since I finished this album,” Gloff, 34, says by telephone while driving to Busch Gardens, where he makes ends meet waiting tables. “Usually when I put out an album, I’ve already got the next one written.”

It may be less of a dry spell than his muse taking a well-deserved vacation.

Gloff’s previous release was 2008’s 1987, a salute to the dance-pop he loved as a boy (and still does, actually. Check out the “My CD Collection” page on his Web site).

“After the last album I had all these songs I didn’t know what to do with,” Gloff says. “My friend Pat Maue moved back to Tampa from Pennsylvania and said, ‘This is your next album.'”

Maue co-wrote a couple of songs on the album, and played bass and other instruments. The album also features appearances from local musicians such as Ronny Elliott, Hunter Oswald and Scott Harrell, among others.

Gloff says the title “is kind of ironic. It’s all pretty downbeat.”

That won’t be a shock to fans. Not that Gloff’s output is all doom and gloom, but he’s bluntly open and honest about himself and his feelings, whether talking about the state of the world or the state of his relationships.

“Songs show up out of nowhere,” Gloff says. “I don’t know where they come from.”

With so many releases, Gloff’s vaults aren’t filled with unused material. But he keeps his eye on quality control.

“If the song sucks I rewrite it,” Gloff says. “I’m a pretty hard editor.”