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-lyrics by BettyX
-music by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Seven Deadly Sips (2001/2012)

I’ll meet you again at the Charles Bridge
At a quarter of three
Where we can dance again
In the icy mists that consume me
Like a disease

One foot in heaven
One foot in the grave
Drink up my friends
Drink more champagne

Champagne fills me with life
Let’s drink up to our love
Let’s toast to the stars captured in your eyes

Don’t look down
Don’t look or you’ll fall
Drink and forget
All the lurid world below

Repeat Chorus

This city is empty and cobblestone walks unroll before us
And the gas lamps flicker as we walk by
And we dance like candles in an abandoned house

Repeat Chorus

My face has gone numb rolling in a river of bubbles
I whisper in the wind “I shall love you forever”
I love you even after we’re dead
In a world that is unforgiveable

Repeat Chorus