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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on Seven Deadly Sips (2001/2012)

This is the city
Of broken sun and sand
This is the city
Where my schemes are planned
And if it should burn
I wanna burn down with it

Craving mystery to dance in my night
Many have done me
Ain’t never been done right
And if a fool should learn
Doubt I’d learn there with him

Floodgates overflow
And engines overheat
Disappointment and deadend streets
The thirty seconds you have me
Gave me fifty hours of intrigue
(Dirty one I love you…)

Fools fall in love, get burnt
And become assholes of their own
Stab your glass, Heather’s married
Ain’t no one called my phone
Know as much about love
As affording champagne.
I know as much about love as
Affording champagne.