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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTmusic’s Myspace Page
-July 2009


Our featured artist this month is Bigg Nugg! Be sure to check out his music at !!!

also check out to learn more about JD Doyle, who helps with this feature.

Here’s what Nugg had to say:
1) you have two albums out and I believe you are working on a new one. what is the direction of your new album?

Yes I do have tow albums and a Maxi Single out on Itunes and other digital distro centers. The new album is more like an electro/hiphop EP. It is a 5 track collection of some electro inspired beats that I put together during a production session earlier in this year. These tracks are definitely different from my past efforts, but with my Nugg style all over them. I am not trying to make what everyone “thinks” my music should sound like. Im pretty much headed in a whole different direction musically with this EP. You can expect to hear more punk stylings, and a bit more emotion bleeding through on the tracks. I wanted to make this EP sort of as a healing for myself to be able to capture this point in my life, and then move on.

2) I know you’ve done a few collobs over the years. any fave people you have worked with?

I would have to say that thus far my favorite collabo’s would have to be with SOCE on my track “I Remember” and UNECC on my track “Finer Things”.
I have had fun in all of my collabo ventures, but these two tracks get performed live the most, so they are a little closer to me.

3) one of the most important queer events of the last couple years was your Unity tour. can you tell us a little bit about that….

Yeah UNITY tour was a small tour that I put together along with Unecc and DaLyrical. The tour was basically a small midwest tour that allowed us to take our hiphop into locations that hadn’t been exposed to us yet. We played cities such as Wichita and Tulsa. The economy had just gone crazy with $3+ per gallon gas prices while we were planning the tour. So that made us cut the tour short. But it was a great experience.

4) do you have any future plans to tour again?

Yes I will tour again. Maybe on a smaller scale, like 3 or 4 shows a month for a few months. But right now I am doing guest appearances at prides and bear runs to test out some of my new material. I want to put together more tracks to make my live show more diverse.

5) you’ve set up shop in columbus ohio. is columbus a good place for out artists and why?

Columbus is a great city. It has a really big gay community and community support. I wouldn’t say its the best place for out artists, but there is potential. It seems like if you aren’t a big celebrity like “Brittney” or “Madonna” the community here could care less. Then you throw a word like hip-hop on top it, and they don’t know what to think. I believe the indy art scene is much larger here that the music scene. But it certainly has potential with its abundance of gay bars and venues.

6) what do you think is the biggest challenge facing queer artists today?

I think really our own community is the biggest challenge. There are too many labels that we place on ourselves as gay people. When we should really concentrate on just being a loving community as a whole. I myself am guilty of boxing myself into one niche, and I am slowly evolving, and showing people different aspects of my music.

7) you have a new song called “sexy motherfucker” — what inspired this hot cut?

Yes I do….. SMF is the first single off of the “Electro Habitual” EP. The album version actually features NYC’s Lester Greene. Honestly, just being out in the club scene here in Columbus and the variety of people we come across inspired the cut. Certain lines or portions may pertain to certain people, and other are just broad generalizations. The fun of writing. 🙂

8) where did the name bigg nugg come from?

Bigg Nugg is an old nickname my friends gave me during my hard core party years. That is all I can say about that one. lol

9) any final advice for out artists who are just starting out?

Just keep doing music that makes YOU happy, not what makes others happy. In the end, it is your ass on stage having to perform it live!

10) fav madonna track?

I’d have to say “Music”.

Til next time,
Jeremy Gloff