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(released April 2009)

Compilation released by BAAMO (Bay Area Arts & Music Association) in April 2009.

Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets – “Dirty”
Rich Whiteley – “Sunny Delight”
Have Gun Will Travel – “Land Of The Living”
Experimental Pilot – “Milk & Gasoline”
The Mojo Gurus – “Party Doll”
The Beauvilles – “Snow”
Sons of Hippies – “Cautionary Tale”
Annie Fuller – “Too Late For Me”
Ronny Elliott & Rebekah Pulley – “Lust Never Sleeps”
Judy Tampa & Bunko Squad – “He Knew Trouble”
The Ditchflowers – “Love, the Conqueror”
Military Junior – “Unconventional”
Ted Lukas – “Hearts Like Mine”
giddy up, helicopter! – “Something That Needs Nothing”
baluja – “The Good Life”
Roppangi’s Ace – “1955”
Palantine – “Dead Wreck”
Jeremy Gloff – “Lights On”


-by Gerry Galipault
-published in April 9, 2009

“Tales of Lust & Longing” – sounds like the title of a Harlequin romance novel.

It’s actually the name of a 18-track local-music compilation from BAAMO Records, the recording label for its namesake — the nonprofit Bay Area Arts and Music Organization.

The CD, available April 14 in stores and at (search “BAAMO”), includes one song each by Bradenton’s Have Gun Will Travel and Sarasota’s Sons of Hippies. They will be among the artists scheduled to play at BAAMO’s CD release party Saturday at New World Brewery in Ybor City.

Sons of Hippies singer-guitarist Katherine Kelly and singer-drummer Jonas Canales are tickled to be part of the compilation and CD release party. It’s another opportunity to spread their positive messages.

“Our manifesto is simple,” Kelly says, “play original music that is heartfelt, pure, and beaming with integrity; deliver positive, aggressive messages lyrically, and demand that the audience think about them; finally, we hope to positively influence the world through music.”
As for personal goals, they would like to tour with MGMT and Death Cab for Cutie, and “we’d also like to manufacture a time-travel machine made exclusively out of grape Popsicle sticks,” says Kelly, tongue in cheek.

Sons of Hippies’ contribution to “Tales” is the appropriately titled “Cautionary Tale.”

WMNF music director Lee “Flee” Courtney says they chose “Tales of Lust & Longing” as the theme because “a plain old local comp wouldn’t get as much attention. And well … lust seems like a theme most people could identify with. We sent out requests for songs to just about all the bands we know and selected them on musical quality and adherence to the theme.”

That theme serves Sons of Hippies well on its new album, “Warriors of the Light,” which was produced by Pro-Pain guitarist Tom Klimchuck.

“It is a catalog of the 10 songs we originally wrote as a duo,” Kelly says. “The songs, in no particular order, touch on themes such as the apocalypse, false prophets, heartache, sex, thought vs. action, self-motivation, determination, sunniness and being carefree, and telepathy.”
Canales, a native Brazilian, is a multi-instrumentalist, often playing a synthesizer at the same time he is playing drums or various percussion.

“I run effects loops throughout our songs and also play keyboard,” says Kelly, a native of Sarasota. “We met in Sarasota a couple of years ago playing the same clubs though in different bands.”

“Noteworthy instruments used in the recording process include the berimbau, an empty Warsteiner minikeg, a 2×4 and wooden sofa leg, a box of Nerds and a box of Milk Duds.”

Maybe fans could bring Nerds and Milk Duds and play along with the Hippies Saturday night. Also on the bill are Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets, Rich Whiteley, Experimental Pilot, The Beauvilles, Annie Fuller, Ronny Elliott, Judy Tampa & Bunko Squad, The Ditchflowers, Military Junior, Ted Lukas, Palantine and Jeremy Gloff.

“Tales of Lust & Longing” is the fourth installment in BAAMO’s series of local-music discs. Last year’s collection, “Cheatin’ Heart: Tales of Lies & Love,” was WMNF’s second most-played CD of 2008, behind Radiohead’s “In Rainbows.”

-by Julie Garisto
-published in April 10, 2009

Tales of Lust and Longing is like a love letter to Tampa Bay, capturing the area’s lush beauty and seedy charms through musicians who embody the folksy and forward-thinking sensibilities of Central Florida.

Produced by the Bay Area Arts and Music Organization, namely WMNF DJ Lee “Flee” Courtney and local music scene supporter Laura Keane, the CD remains within a very Florida rootsy-rustic comfort zone while branching out beyond the distinctly defined niches of the music scene.

The CD stars singer-songwriters considered living legends around these parts, such as the acerbic and inspirational Ronny Elliott, who sings solo and in a duet with Rebekah Pulley.

Guitar rock virtuosi Rich Whitely, Experimental Pilot (brothers Robert and Stephen Vessenmeyer) and Ted Lukas cozy up to wild-eyed young ‘uns like Tampa’s blues-poppy Roppongi’s Ace and Bradenton’s compelling ambient rockers Sons of Hippies. The duo is the most ear-grabbing act south of the Skyway since Have Gun, Will Travel took aim on Tampa Bay.

Speaking of Have Gun, Will Travel, the band’s Land of the Living perks up the mix with one of its most vibrant and introspective tunes.
We also get some non-scene-dwelling artists who haven’t attracted a huge buzz yet, such as the inspirational rock of Baluja.

All are solid, professional acts that perform folk, electro-pop, hard rock, power pop, indie pop and honky-tonks.

A couple of drawbacks: Tales of Lust and Longing lacks Latin rock, salsa and hip-hop, other staples of Tampa Bay’s musical landscape. There’s a good reason, according to co-producer Flee. He says that he didn’t want to throw in a rap or soul tune that was out of place, and in keeping with the lyrical requirements — artists submitted lyrics to prove their songs fell into the “lust and longing” theme — Flee didn’t want to distract from the overall motif with abrupt changes of genre. He prefers coming up with more interesting concepts, such as tale telling.

“The next CD will be themed more musically than lyrically,” he says of the next compilation, which will be geared toward more rhythmic styles like world beat, R&B and hip-hop.

Meticulous care went into the packaging, too. Local artist Robert Phelps ( provides the richly layered artwork. On the cover, he depicts the lustful mythological satyr and a backdrop of distorted text from a romance novel. Phelps cleverly positions the figure to hide the juicy parts.

With all great love affairs, the element of enticement is at play throughout Tales of Lust and Longing, which draws us in and gives us a mere tease of the musical talent Tampa Bay has to offer.

-by Wade Tangelo
-from MetroMix
-published in April 23, 2009

The buzz: How do you create some much-deserved hype for the local music scene? Assemble a first-rate, genre-hopping compilation disc of theme-related songs like Bay Area Arts & Music Organization (BAAMO)’s excellent “Tales of Lust & Longing.” A capacity crowd of roughly 350 attended the April 11 CD release show at New World Brewery in Ybor City. The $10 admission included a copy of the delightfully passionate disc and performances by nearly all those Tampa Bay standouts that contributed to the album, which is BAAMO’s follow-up to last year’s equally impressive CD “Cheatin’ Heart: Tales of Lies & Love.”

The verdict: BAAMO has once again created an awesomely eclectic, thematically united compilation disc that triumphantly spotlights the best of Tampa Bay’s killer – yet still underappreciated – music scene. These lusty 18 tracks terrifically rep the region’s top singer/songwriters (Ronny Elliott, Rebekah Pulley, Rich Whiteley), alt-country ensemble (Have Gun, Will Travel), whiskey rock and rollers (Mojo Gurus, Roppongi’s Ace, Ted Lukas), indie rockers (Sons of Hippies, The Beauvilles) and organic pop purveyors (The Ditchflowers). There’s not a bad song in the bunch, but if forced to choose just one to whet your appetite, check out the previously unreleased opener “Dirty,” by Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets. A sublime slice of breezy folk-rock, it’s wonderfully catchy, smart and highly seductive!

Did you know? Rebekah Pulley’s father, guitarist Wallace Pulley, played in the band of Charlie Ryan, the first man to score a hit with the rock ‘n’ roll standard in 1960.