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-by Leigh Armstrong
-appeared on (April 12, 2009)

With the new release of the Bay Area Arts and Music Organization (BAAMO), one would be hard-pressed to say anything negative about the Tampa Bay music scene. Combine that with a killer all-day concert you have pure local music bliss.

From Rich Whitely’s chill laid back acoustic session to the rocking electric sounds of Sons of Hippies, there was something for everyone who attended.

This was an eclectic affair going from smooth and folky for 30 minutes to upbeat and electric the next. It felt a lot like a concert episode of Robot Chicken with everything switching up so drastically and quickly

Even though all the musicians were great, I wanted to point out a few stand-out acts to keep your eyes in the next couple months.

The previously mentioned Sons of Hippies have definitely got the swing of Tampa Bay down pat. When you first hear the whine of their amps start up, you know you’re going to be in for something special. I really expect these guys to blow up big, especially in a post-Giddy-Up! Helicopter Tampa Bay.

Annie Fuller may not be the most experienced and 18-years-old, but her vocal talents make up for everything. With a voice like an angel and music that is brilliantly written expresses romantic sorrow with just twinge of twang, She’s going to get a lot of Rilo Kiley fans across the Bay area.

What can I say about Jeremy Gloff that hasn’t been said 50 times before by every writer out there. Just watching him is fun. If you haven’t seen him yet, do your inner hipster a favor and go to his next concert.

I’d love to see more of this style of concert around the Bay. With the 30 minutes each had to play, it forced them to put their good work to the forefront and express themselves quickly and efficiently.