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(released January 8th,1998)

The Haunting (lyrics)
Crazy (lyrics)
Green Arrow (lyrics)
Echoing (lyrics)
Confusion Peace (lyrics)
Where I Don’t Belong (lyrics)
Make It Thru Tonight (lyrics)
Autumn Reprise (inst.)
Valentine’s Day (lyrics)
Psychic Dialogue (segue)
Distasterless (lyrics)
Prince Charming (lyrics)
Punk Rock (segue)
Don’t Give Up Time (lyrics)
Ready To Dance (segue)
I’m Gonna Stay Str8 (lyrics)
Before I Sleep (lyrics)
Rotting Bag Of Flesh (segue)
Guilt and Shame (lyrics)
The Summertime Me (lyrics)
Trees (lyrics)
Michael’s House (lyrics)

Following the summer of ‘97 I planned to move to San Francisco with a friend. I awaited her letter giving me the green light. The leaves changed color. Temperatures dropped below zero. A brutal chill crept in. The letter never came. Three years of geographical hop-scotch were over and I was left to face stillness.

More than ever the cold felt unbearable. Whimsical summer bade farewell and the claustrophobia of winter approached. I regulated myself to the floor of my friend’s spare bedroom. In the course of travel I’d parted with most my possessions. I didn’t own a lamp. I lived in darkness until a friend bought me a candle.

And so marched the procession from depressed September to unstable October to suicidal November. I documented my harrowing journey into previously unexplored darkness. These songs became my AUTUMN.

(August-December 1997)
Jeremy Gloff – everything but…
Mollie Rinehoudt – vocals on “Crazy”, “Echoing”, “Valentine’s Day”, “Prince Charming”,
and “Don’t Give Up Time”
T. Tristan Trump – guitar on “Echoing” and “The Summertime Me”
Jen Fischer – vocals on “The Summertime Me”
Greg Greg – vocals on “I’m Gonna Stay Str8”
Jim Briggs iii- vocals on “Before I Sleep”
Valuptuous – backups on “Before I Sleep”
Andy Flatley – bass on “Where I Don’t Belong” and “Prince Charming”
Voices – Coon, Chris S, Kortnee, Toad
Photo – Shauna Rinehuls
Lettering – Heathyr D.
Artwork – SaracatherINE
All songs copyright Jeremy Gloff
Recorded at the Gay Cafe, Fredonia NY
“Where I Don’t Belong” and “Prince Charming” recorded at Mad Monkey Studios
Parts of “Echoing” and “The Summertime Me” recorded at Kate’s mom’s
Dedicated to Heathyr and Melissa – let’s go goth this week
Cd remastered by Robert “Subtlety” Sharp.