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-by Jeremy Gloff
-appeared on OUTMusic’s Myspace Page

-August 2007

Hello everyone! Jeremy Gloff writing here on behalf of OUTMUSIC. We are very excited to launch our new OUTMUSIC Featured Artist of the month here on Myspace. We are all a thriving community filled with vibrant and vital artists. Every month we will get in depth with a different artist affording us the opportunity to better get inside eachother’s heads. Every month I will ask the artist ten thought provoking and quirky questions. Commenting is encouraged! With this blog we are warrented the invaluable opportunity to open up dialogs and to better know eachother as artists. Spread the word! Subscribe to this blog and learn more about your fellow OUTartists. If you would be interested in being selected as a future OUTmusic Featured Artist please send us an email! We only ask that you be an OUTmusician and a member of OUTmusic. Without further ado, let’s learn a little bit about Athena Reich.

Ten Questions for Athena Reich:

1) what makes you unique as an artist?

I had a unique mix of trauma and priveledge, beauty and horror as a child. We traveled the world and discussed philosophy at the diner table. Our family dynamic was cultured and intimate, yet violent and unsettling. My brain grew in a million directions and my soul screamed for expression. I tell intimate, sometimes difficult stories through song and integrate contradictory influences. I unleash childhood repression through expression and performance…..but then again, who doesn’t?

2) what is the driving force of your creativity?

Insomnia. More than sleeping pills, sex, or reason, music calms my nerves and brings purpose to pain. I love and need to communicate all that was silenced in my childhood, and is silenced, today, by society. I feel at peace when I have articulated an unsettling circumstance, or a story denied

3) is there one moment during your career that sticks out as THE highlight? or if there are a few of those moments please tell us your favorite?

Going for tea with Jerry Springer and discovering he is a closeted hippie.

4) please take one of your favorite lyrics from your songs and tell us the story behind it…

Now you are starting to bite me
Fast and furious, in your own little world
“Push into me,” I cry, “Until I come out the other side.
And see the world through your eyes, and you through mine.”
–from “I Want To Fuck All Day” by Athena Reich

What can I say? Desperate, dysfunctional sex is the hottest. Never sleep with your drug addicted bass player, even if she insists and the chemistry is through the roof… that’s all I will say….

5) do you have an artist or two who has inpsired you the most?

Such a difficult question for me to answer as I become hyper-focused on one artist at a time, for about a month, and then move on to the next. My influences are so varied. Artists I have become obsessed with lately: Regina Spector, Emily Haines, Keith Jarrett, and most recently, Roberta Flack.

6) how do you feel about the state of the music industry?

Disappointed. DIY is old and not as effective anymore, as everyone is doing it now. Your best bet is to never take any advice and do what feels right to you. Everyone has a different path as everyone’s music and personality is so varied. Very rarely, an artist will ‘win the lottary’ and transform into a celebrity. But never forget that that is ‘winning the lottary’ and has more to do with luck than talent or business savvy. Although, most of us do need a great deal of both of those in order to keep up with the competition. But never forget it’s a mad, mad industry and there are no rules anymore.

7) if music was colors, what color would your music most be like?

Definitely not pastels. Rich reds, blacks, purples, greens, all shades of blue and light yellows.

8) what is one thing, in your opinion, we could all do as artists to make our music community stronger?

Stop blaming ourselves for what is a very difficult and dysfunctional industry. (You know the drill: “I don’t work hard enough. I’m not talented enough. I’m too fat… etc.”) Try to not let jealousy motivate a hurtful action against another. We are all in this together, and process is more meaningful than product.

9) what is one of your best childhood memories?

Summer camp. Getting away from my insane family life and being forced to be a kid again. Canoe tripping, water skiing, skinny dipping… and most importantly.. playing “Capture the Flag”. Bonding with others in an intimate and beautiful environment. If I could play “Capture the Flag” and have campfires all day, I might consider quitting music.

10) what is your biggest insecurity?

That I’m a bad person. I am constantly haunted by the notion that I will hurt others the way I was hurt as a child. A horror movie plays in my mind, blaming me constantly. But with awareness, therapy, and hopefully, good luck in love, these mental nightmares will lessen in intensity.
For more information about Athena Reich please check out her myspace page at and listen to her wonderful song featured on the OUTMUSIC Myspace page the entire month of August!

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