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(released in 2001)

Lucy Mongrel- “Mean In The Street”
Paul Cote- “Lovers Poses”
Jeremy Gloff- “Infrawhite”
Level Nine- “Chi’ole Drug”
Sicks- “One, two, Four”
Lady J- “Civil War”
Blue Number 9- “Sweet Sugar Honey”
Snakes & Angels- “Only Time Will Tell”
9 Seconds Left- “Happy Jam”
Sean Wiggins- “1000 Steps”
Kids Eat Free- “For You”
The Boners- “Click Here For Sex”
Lawsey’s Posse- “Care Less”
Laura Rickenbacker- “Canadian Love”
Fully Baked- “Learned”
Zero City- “What I Want”
Atomic Crash- “Across the Country”