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-written by Jeremy Gloff
-appears on 1987 (2008)

So young on this winter night
Gorgeous in the candlelight
Gotta tell you I want your body
Feel the warmth beneath my skin
Touch my body let’s do it again
Unbridled romance don’t make me wait

‘Cause tonight I want to lay next to you
And tonight I want to be inside of you
When it all goes down tonight
Got an hour to get it right
Armageddon sex sex sex sex

Smiling just confused as me
Justify bleach spirits clean
The world’s getting colder
I wanna hold you tonight
Atomic steel around our hearts
More than a quick flight in the dark
I know you’re different talk to me
I know you’re different walk right to me

And if the sun should never come
Never speak our names again
Communication breakdown
Forget I said that I’d still be your friend
I’d hold back clouds to keep you safe
Forget virtue
I wanna love you like I love my heroes
Understand you like I do my heroes
Hear the way you sing your high parts
I wanna blow it in you before we all blow up

They held eachother…
He hasn’t felt this good since he was a kid.. .