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-press release by LeahQ
-appeared on (April 22, 2009)

Introducing ANTISOCIAL @ THE SOCIAL! It’s the new Open Mic/Dance Party night at The Social in Ybor City, Florida. The night will be hosted by the amazing Jeremy Gloff, Peter Botti and I will be the resident DJ!

We are encouraging people to think outside the box. Bands, acoustic acts, comedians, etc… Wanna show us your booty shake or have a creamed corn wet t-shirt contest? Want to showcase some abstract performance art? You’re in. Anything goes.

ANTISOCIAL will be every Monday night at The Social. It’s a rad new venue in Ybor City that has an upscale lounge vibe with a stage, dance floor and cool couches. We’ll have coffee and drink specials all night…

Doors and sign up for the Open Mic is at 9:30. We are booking fifteen minute time slots or three songs a person. When the Open Mic is over at 12:30, I will be spinning a dance party. You’re welcome to bring your CDS and Mp3s from home.

There’s some GREAT talent in Tampa. I hope all of my established friends use this Open Mic to try out new material. Let’s give each other feedback. The emphasis is on art and creativity.

I hope to see you on stage or in the audience! This night is brought to you by Jeremy Gloff, Leah Q, and Mr P. Botti. There is a two dollar donation at the door.